'Apple misusing its market power'

26th January 2007, Comments 0 comments

Consumer organisation wants Apple to allow iTunes purchases to be played on non-Apple devices.

26 January 2007

The Consumers’ Union has filed a formal complaint against Apple with the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa). The union says Apple’s internet music shop iTunes has substantial market power and is abusing this power by linking the shop to the purchase of the Apple iPod.

The Union will also file a complaint with the new Dutch Consumer Authority because of unfair trading practices. Consumers are not alerted enough to the fact that when they buy a song from iTunes they will only be able to play it on the Apple iPod device.

 “If you buy a song at iTunes you’re stuck with the iPod for the rest of your life,” said a spokesperson for the Consumers’ Union.

The complaints follow on developments in Norway where the Norwegian ombudsman has ordered Apple to adapt its iTunes shop by 1 October so that downloaded music can also be played on non-Apple devices.

If Apple fails to do so, the ombudsman will bring the case to court. Consumer organisations in France, Germany and the US are also unhappy with the situation.

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