Annual Dutch health insurance premiums up EUR 20

16th September 2009, Comments 2 comments

Health insurance premiums are set to rise by EUR 20 next year as healthcare cost increases, announces the Dutch ministry of health in its 2010 budget.

The Hague -- Health insurance premiums are set to increase by EUR 20, or to an average of EUR 1,085, per year in 2010, reports Dutch news agency ANP.

The increase was announced Tuesday in the 2010 ministry of health budget.

However, because health insurance companies set their own premiums, the government figure is only an estimate.

The ministry said premiums must increase with the costs of healthcare, according to the ANP report.

The income-related health insurance contribution will rise slightly in 2010 to 7.05 percent.

The required 'own-risk', or deductible, for health insurance costs is expected to increase to EUR 165.

Healthcare priorities for 2010 were also announced Tuesday, including a programme for the chronically ill and increased safety for healthcare workers. A press release highlighting the changes can be found here.

The ministry's budget for health care in 2010 is EUR 2 billion higher than 2009.

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  • Chris posted:

    on 16th September 2009, 13:11:54 - Reply

    My thoughts exactly!

    My Dutch health insurance company VPZ has refused to provide me benefits for a prosthetic device leaving me unable to walk properly.I have been their customer for almost 3 years, they won't me information over the phone and tell me to email their info in box, yet no one will respond. It has gotten passed point ridiculous my; spouse sent VPZ an email asking if they had been abducted by aliens as a possibility why VPZ won't respond.

    Unfortunately, it seems the Netherlands has already followed the failed model, they are just fine tuning it to match the US one. Why couldn't the Netherlands learn some basic US customer service skills instead.
  • Patrick Hayes posted:

    on 16th September 2009, 10:57:57 - Reply

    America privatized medical insurance.
    Anyone notice the insanity going on in the US on the health care debate?

    Good one, Nederlands, keep emulating a failed model...

    Holland doesn't have to become the 51rst State, it just wants too.