Amsterdam's dark rooms unhygienic: health authority

17th September 2009, Comments 1 comment

An inspection of nine dark rooms in the Dutch capital found six rooms visibly dirty and five rooms with no hand washing station.

Amsterdam – At least half of the suspected dark rooms in Amsterdam are filthy, according to a public health authority investigation, reports Wednesday.

Nine of these rooms – small areas located in bars, clubs or sex theaters where homosexuals meet for sex – were inspected by the GGD on the municipality's request.

The research findings suggested Amsterdam's dark rooms were quite dirty, according to Dutch news agency ANP. The GGD disclosed in its report:

  • Six rooms were visibly dirty.
  • Six were installed in such a way that a proper cleaning was difficult.
  • Seven rooms had inadequate ventilation.
  • Five rooms had no place for users to wash their hands.

Researchers noted that a cleaning schedule was in place for seven of the rooms inspected; however, at least that many rooms were not properly cleaned and disinfected.

The city of Amsterdam called for the research to ascertain if increased supervision of dark rooms would decrease the risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), reports the ANP.

The GGD found the cleanliness of a dark room has no effect on the risk for STD infection.

There are 18 suspected dark rooms in the Dutch capital city. No word was given if the city will press dark room owners to clean the rooms properly in the future.


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  • S.J posted:

    on 17th September 2009, 11:00:11 - Reply

    they should also health-check toilets in Pathe and every restaurant in amsterdam. i have not seen any clean one :)