Amsterdam to get own Prinsjesdag

2nd November 2006, Comments 0 comments

Political parties’ leaks to press over budget prompt new official commemorative day

2 November 2006

AMSTERDAM - Amsterdam gets its own Prinsjesdag in 2007.
All parties in the capital voted Wednesday during the meeting of the municipality council for a motion from the VVD to organise an alternative of Prinsjesdag in Amsterdam as from next year on a day in the autumn. It provisionally concerns
an experiment.

On that day the mayor will unfold the plans of the college for the new year (as Queen Beatrix pronounces in her throne speech). Afterwards the alderman of finances will hand over the budget to the chairman of the presidium, the daily governing board of the municipality.

“If it may be necessary, I will also offer the budget in a briefcase ", reacted alderman of finances Lodewijk Asscher.

Directly after this handing-over the general considerations in the municipal council must begin. “That is possible because the city council has had the documents under embargo the weekend before ", said VVD-party leader Eric van der Burg. This motion came forth out of irritation that the college (PvdA and GroenLinks) had informed the press in September concerning the municipality Council budget. The college and the presidium will now develop the plan further.

Some parties, however, have expressed concern over the ceremonial character.
“We support the motion if we don’t have to put on hats ", said Judith Sargentini,
party chairperson for GroenLinks.

Van der Burg: “No golden coaches and honour guards, but a solemn moment on which the new policy is presented and is discussed, instead of the start of a debate by means of a press bulletin." If it is up to the VVD, the Prinsjesdag will return to the city annually on second Wednesday of October.

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