Amsterdam to educate kids about 'loverboys'

24th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

As of the next school year, Amsterdam children in the first class of secondary education will be taught how to recognise loverboys. Care and Welfare Councillor Eric van der Burg says the classes are intended to prevent even more girls ending up in prostitution as a result of manipulation by loverboys.

In an interview with the populist newspaper De Telegraaf, Mr Van der Burg said the classes will focus on Boys will also attend the classes, but separate from the girls.

Loverboys seduce emotionally vulnerable girls in order to later force them to work as prostitutes. The loverboys reportedly take advantage of the lack of knowledge among teenage girls. According to Mr Van der Burg, some girls believe that sex in exchange for money is normal. He hopes to remedy the situation through better education at school.

A team of five to ten teachers from the regional health authorities will visit all Amsterdam secondary schools to teach the sex-ed classes. These classes will come in addition to the sex-ed classes already provided by many secondary schools.


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