Amsterdam police not behaving, shows research

4th April 2008, Comments 2 comments

The research concludes that harassment, racist remarks and sexual intimidation are part of the force's undesirable behaviour.

4 April 2008

AMSTERDAM - Research conducted by the Free University of Amsterdam concludes that the behaviour of the city's police in its station houses leaves much to be desired. Harassment, racist remarks and sexual intimidation are regular occurrences.

The researchers say that although almost all police officers condemn such behaviour, it is still prevalent throughout the force.

Senior officers say that, while they regret the findings of the investigation, they also believe that it offers a chance to improve overall behaviour and attitudes.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica] 


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2 Comments To This Article

  • albrecht posted:

    on 7th April 2008, 16:15:35 - Reply

    Having witnessed the police in Amsterdam on several occasisions dealing with drunken English louts and stoned, tripping Italian tourists I can say without reservation that the police in Amsterdam are one of the most respectful and polite policemen I've seen around the world. Compare them to police in Germany or USA and there is a world of difference. I've seen in both countries police beating suspects in plain view of the public (once several German police beating a Somalian in Berlin's central station even!) In the USA police will purposely escalate a situation with a drunk in public or harass a person who is a 'hippie' or a coloured person for no reason. British also will also quickly resort to violence. When compared to police in Russia, China, or Mexico there is absolutely NO comparison who routinely arrest/beat innocent people for absolutely no reason and extort money from people also. The Dutch should praise their police force- often outgunned and dealing with people from violent societies who abuse hard-drugs and don't speak Dutch. They are commendable and should not be criticised.
  • Krista posted:

    on 4th April 2008, 13:30:48 - Reply

    The English name of the Free University is now VU University Amsterdam.