Alcohol under 16, not just yet

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STIVA tightens up directive with message extra seconds in the viewers attention.

AMSTERDAM - The slogan ‘Alcohol under 16, not just yet’ been seen this year since the beginning of April under the commercials for low alcohol content spirits. STIVA have examined if this message comes across well to the viewer. From that research it becomes clear that the great majority of the viewers sees the slogan and that they can also remember the slogan. Other than what was once thought that simultaneous showing of other text in the picture does not interfere considerably with recognition of the slogan.

From the same research, in which several commercials are compared with each other, it became clear, however, that improvements are also possible. STIVA have for this reason decided to adapt the directive for the use of the slogan.

For new commercials the directive for the use of the slogan will be adapted as follows, the slogan must remain in the picture for a  minimum of 5 seconds (was 3 seconds) and the slogan must also be mentioned in a possible tag-on of the commercial.

With these adaptations the slogan will be substantially more on the screen and with that the chance that the message remains with the viewer will be increased.

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