About 700,000 Dutch citizens think about leaving

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Young people, first and second generation immigrants are among those who plan to leave the Netherlands.

The Netherlands – About 700,000 Dutch citizens have plans to leave the country for at least eight months, reveals a recent survey by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Many of these citizens contemplating emigration are first and second generation immigrants. Young native Dutch citizens also expressed a desire to leave the country.

In recent years, the number of emigrants has risen sharply in recent years. Between 2006 and 2008, around 125,000 people left the Netherlands each year, the largest number since the early 1950s.

Demographer Jan Latten of Statistics Netherlands expects the number of people leaving the country to remain above 100,000 during the coming years. ‘

According to the CBS, since 2003 the Netherlands has been the only country in Western Europe where the number of emigrants outnumbers the number of immigrants.

Latten points out that emigration has grown substantially in the past 20 years. One reason, he says, is the European Union’s policy of open borders.

Education and work
Most native Dutch who want to leave the country are young people who would like to live in Australia and the United States. Education and work are the most important reasons given for leaving.

However, many view their departure as a temporary thing and intend to return to the Netherlands.

¨It has become increasingly common for students to do their traineeship abroad, or to live in another country for a certain period of time,¨ said Latten.

About a third of those above the age of 30 expect to leave the Netherlands for good. They say they are looking for more space, quiet, nature and a peaceful atmosphere.

They find the Netherlands too crowded and too busy. Among the countries on their list are Belgium, France, Spain and Surinam.

Some first and second generation immigrants also plan to leave the country for good: 18 percent compared to 7 percent among native Dutch. "Many migrants who have settled in the Netherlands suffer from homesickness," explained Latten. "They want to go back to Morocco or Turkey."

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