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De Telegraaf, Crisis at CBR

De Telegraaf

Crisis at CBR

More than EUR 12 million in pension funds has disappeared from the Central Driving Licences Bureau (CBR). The supervisory board has now launched an investigation into the board of management's actions. A conflict has erupted between the Employees Council and the board of management over the disappearance of the money.

Vote for small right-wing parties 'helps PvdA'

Liberal VVD leader Mark Rutte and his number two Rita Verdonk have warned people who might vote for Geert Wilders and Marco Pastors that their vote would only help Labour PvdA and Wouter Bos into power. They said right-wing voters should vote for the VVD instead.

De Volkskrant

Rumsfeld departs after electoral blow

The US Defence Minister Donald Rumsfeld, 74, resigned on Wednesday. Although President Bush said the decision was taken last week, observers see a direct link with the Congress elections on Tuesday.

Research: many student doctors close to burn-out

One in five assistant physicians are showing symptoms of burn-out. Almost 40 percent is chronically overtired, research among 2,115 trainee medical specialists has shown. The research was published on Thursday in the magazine 'Medisch Contact'.


Donald Rumsfeld leaves the battle

The day after the Democrats won the elections, President Bush gave his first offer: the political head of Defence Minister Donald Rumsfeld. Bush said on Wednesday he wants to work with the Democrats, which won a majority in the House of Representatives.


Inspectorate ignored alarm

The Healthcare Inspectorate ignored an urgent, international alarm over worn out oxygen tubes and operation equipment. A problem with an old tube led to the fire at the Almelo Twenteborg Hospital last month and the resulting death of a female patient. The UK health authority MHRA sent an urgent message in 2003 advising hospitals to take measures against oxygen tubes after a series of accidents.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Notaries inspected for money laundering

The association of notaries will check up on its own professionals for suspicious real estate transactions. Up until now, there were almost no integrity checks for the nation's notaries, the chief of the royal notary association KNB, Robert Salomons, said.

Rumsfeld sacrificed after Bush defeat

The resignation of US minister Donald Rumsfeld might herald a new military strategy in Iraq. Rumsfeld was one of the most important architects of the invasion of Iraq. He departs just one day after the US voters gave an electoral defeat to the Republicans.

Nederlands Dagblad

Cabinet 'is more Christian-social than Purple'

If the Netherlands had again gained a 'Purple' government after the May 2002 election, the nation would have been worse off in a Christian-social sense, Christian Democrat CDA leader Jan Peter Balkenende. Balkenende was speaking at a debate between the leaders of the nation's Christian parties in Amersfoort. The Purple coalition refers to the 1994-2002 government involving Labour PvdA, Liberal VVD and Democrat D66.


Is this sacrifice enough?

The defeat for the Republicans in the US Congress elections has consequences. Defence Minister Donald Rumsfeld, architect of the war in Iraq, has resigned.

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