170 train passengers fined for being nuisance

15th September 2008, Comments 6 comments

The Dutch railway police fined 170 passengers over the weekend for unruly behaviour.

15 September 2008

THE NETHERLANDS -- One hundred and seventy passengers were fined over the weekend for being rowdy on the trains.

In the course of a special operation on the line between Rotterdam and The Hague, Dutch railway police dressed in plain-clothes carried out extra surveillance operations.

Passengers were fined for being noisy, smoking, putting their feet on seats and obstructing railway staff.

Train authorities also arrested 13 people.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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6 Comments To This Article

  • John Bull posted:

    on 1st October 2008, 20:01:23 - Reply

    Well, I'm arriving a bit late to this discussion, but as it has taken a different direction then I guess I won't be fined for joining it later.

    I am very surprised and, indeed, shocked, at both Sam's and FirstClassDude's use of the word "pollute", when both refer to passengers with a second class ticket staying in the trains' first class sections when trains are overpacked with people. I found those comments -and the people who go with- very bothering, very appalling and utterly very stupid.

    OK, so the train is overpacked, and passengers hurry to squeeze into any available space. Among them, second-class ticket holders squeeze into the first-class coaches. What's the bloody matter with that?

    Are people like Sam and FirstClassDude jealous to have to share some space and time with other people? If they are so proud to be first-class passengers and they can't bear the very thought of second-class passengers stepping into first-class coaches; well, the two of them can go and rot down in hell or, alternatively, buy themselves a decent car and use it instead of the train; so they stop polluting trains and other public spaces with their ridiculous, selfish little beings.

    Yes, indeed the people who think, talk and behave that way desserve a good deal of massive beating. I had better treat them like the animals they really are inside their twisted, classist minds than to waste my time and efforts trying to teach them to behave in a civilised way.
  • FirstClassDude posted:

    on 16th September 2008, 15:43:29 - Reply

    I agree with Sam. I always pay the extra to travel 1st Class and I don't want it polluted with poor people or Dutch folk.

    Anyone caught in 1st Class without a valid 1st Class ticket should be executed. And that includes the conductors.

  • Sam posted:

    on 16th September 2008, 15:16:12 - Reply

    The thing that bothers me most is that the spineless conductors never fine people for sitting in first class with a second class ticket. Plus Dutch people already think it's OK to pollute first class with their presence when the train is full. Not to mention that fact that conductors like to have loud conversations in first class. The NS should protect first class passengers' rights!
  • historytechdoc posted:

    on 16th September 2008, 06:16:16 - Reply

    Talking about Dutch trains. Exactly when did the tariff rule change for taking one's bike (fiets) along on a train.

    In the past one was required to buy a children's ticket that varied with the distance between stops--the further the journey the more the bike qua children's ticket cost.

    Not anymore, now a 'Fiets ticket' cost €6.00 no matter how short or long the trip. What to take your bike along from Maastricht to Groeningen, cost €6.00. Want to slep it from Maastricht Randwijk to Maastricht Centraal, yeh, you got it--also €6.00! In addition, this rate is not reduced by possessing the Railway's ±40% off-hours discount card.

    So now if your 13 year-old wants to come home from school with his or her bike on the train because of bad weather, it costs an adult fair, plus €6.00, perhaps to go less than 3 km.

    The newly privatized, Dutch Railway is once again overworking its collective executive brain to look for ways to squeeeze even more money from its customers, whether it's feets on the seats or fiets on the floor.

    Thank you, but this train system ran better and less expensively when owned by the Dutch people.
  • curtoe posted:

    on 16th September 2008, 04:59:11 - Reply

    "putting feet on seats, obstructing railway staff".. are you kidding me? This is considered "rowdy" and is worth being fined over??

    Sounds like Gostopo to me
  • proteus posted:

    on 15th September 2008, 16:57:38 - Reply

    Would be nice to do this on trams as well. People playing music on their phones' speakers are very high on my list of personal annoyances.