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DAX 9605.08 0.17
IBEX 30 10058.5 -1.04
CAC 40 4387.61 -0.20
FTSE 100 6806.86 -0.05
AEX 397.5 -0.20
DJIA 16272.65 0.46
Nasdaq 4318.933 0.63
FTSE MIB 20298.33 -0.11
TSX Composite 14214.35 0.18
ASX 5415.4 -0.10
Hang seng 22836.96 0.04
Straits Times 3110.78 0.45
ISEQ 20 836.3 0.23
EUR / USD 1.37976 0.67
EUR / GBP 0.82571 0.59
USD / GBP 0.598544 -0.10
Gold 1329.6 -0.13
Oil 108.9 -0.76
Silver 21.28 0.08
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12/03/2014 Public holidays in the Netherlands 2014

Public holidays in the Netherlands Our listing of public holidays (Nationale feestdagen) in the Netherlands for 2014; check out the official holiday dates for Easter 2014.

05/02/2014 A brief introduction to the Netherlands

Introduction to the Netherlands The newcomer to the Netherlands will be forgiven for not knowing quite what to expect, after tales of windmills, clogs, dikes and tulips. Expatica...

06/01/2014 30 facts about the Netherlands

"30 Dutch facts" Planning to move to the Netherlands? Here are some interesting facts to get you prepared. And if you are already here, test yourself to see how...

08/10/2013 Top 10 Dutch foods – with recipes

"Top 10 Dutch foods: Traditional Dutch cuisine" There's much more to Dutch food than raw herring! Dutch cuisine is varied and delicious. Here are some of most popular, together with recipes...

07/08/2013 Political parties in the Netherlands

"Political parties in the Netherlands" Do you know your PvdA from your PvdD? Or your SP from your SGP? Let us unravel the Dutch acronyms of the political parties in the Netherlands.

02/01/2013 Crime and the legal system in the Netherlands

Crime and the legal system in the Netherlands The Netherlands is one of the safest countries in Europe with a very low incidence of crime. As with any country you should still take reasonable...

04/07/2012 Emergency numbers for expats in the Netherlands

useful links in the Netherlands Need to contact the police, doctor or gas company urgently? Here is a concise list of essential numbers and websites for the Netherlands.

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Setting up home in the Netherlands

Setting up home in the Netherlands

A guide to telephone, internet and television along with utility services water, electricity and gas in the Netherlands.

Dutch immigration and residency regulations

Dutch immigration and residency regulations

Lost in the Dutch immigration system? Look no further than this guide compiled for our Survival Guide 2012.

A brief introduction to the Netherlands

A brief introduction to the Netherlands

Expatica offers a whistle-stop tour of life in the modern Netherlands.

Giving birth in the Netherlands

Giving birth in the Netherlands

The challenges and benefits of the maternity system in the Netherlands and how it differs to other countries.