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Connect Noord Holland

Address: Bovenweg 121, 1834 CD Sint Pancras Alkmaar
Tel: 050-7440087

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Cosmo Polite

Address: , Amsterdam

Cosmo Polite organises social gatherings for expatriates and repatriates in Amsterdam. All events have a social and informal ambiance. Kira personally introduces newcomers to other members of the group, so that everyone can easily befriend like-minded individuals.

kira@cosmo-polite.com | View website | View on map

International Contact Nijmegen (ICON)

Address: , Nijmegen

A social club of English-speaking expatriates based in the Nijmegen/Arnhem area of Gelderland. The aim is to make friends and have fun together in an English-speaking environment. They produce a monthly email newsletter for members, and try to schedule several meet-ups a month, such as coffee mornings, parent and toddler groups, drinks evenings and pot lucks. They also organise seasonal parties at Christmas and Easter, and other special one-off events.

committee@icon-nijmegen.com | View website | View on map

Legal Aliens Expats Group

Address: Korte Koediefstraat 7, 2511 CE The Hague
Tel: 06 3830 4481

Legal Aliens is a fast growing, fun loving group of people who get together for social events in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Delft, Amsterdam and even darkest Leiden. They welcome people of all ages from all walks of life, both expats and local Dutch people too. Genuine aliens from far flung planets are especially welcome and are made to feel especially at home with Leffe Blonde and Martian Mallows at regular drinks nights. They organise many pub nights and dinners, cultural events and even trips abroad for the more adventurous. Legal Aliens is a free to join, free to participate group and will al...

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Living with a Dutchie

Living with a Dutchie' is an English-speaking social group, for expats who have moved to Holland to be with their Dutch partner.

goudaexpats@yahoo.com | View website | View on map


To make new friends through a local social network without the pretense of establishing business connections.

meetinamsterdam@gmail.com | View website | View on map


Address: , Haarlem

A social network for expatriate professionals in the Haarlem and Amsterdam area.

myhaarlem@chello.nl | View website | View on map

Noord Holland International Friendship Club (NHIFC)

Formed in February 2003 by a group of Dutch Nationals and English-speaking Expatriates with like-minded ideas towards helping others to blend more easily into Dutch culture.

lin@nhifc.org | View website | View on map

Stitch 'n Bitch (SnB)

Knitters of all ages find each other worldwide to come together for a couple of hours of knitting in cafs. When you are visiting Holland, join one of the groups for some nights and share the passion for knitting. Get inspired by local knitting habits, exchange patterns, learn typical Dutch knitting techniques and in the meantime drink a delicious cup of Koffie Verkeerd (white coffee) or a pint of beer.

snbnederland@gmail.com | View website | View on map

TheHagueOnLine Social Club

Address: , The Hague
Tel: 070 356 2202

They organise events for the expat and international community in the greater The Hague area. The Club operates on a membership basis and is open to singles, couples and families alike.

Billy@thehagueonline.com | View website | View on map

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