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Address: Postbus 10239, 2501 HE The Hague

An amateur group who enjoy, perform and support English-language theatre.

membership@aatg.nl | View website | View on map

Chinese National Circus

Address: Amsterdam Rai, Amsterdam
Tel: 0624290259

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Address: Postbus 11437, 1001 GK Amsterdam

Amsterdam's oldest English-speaking theatre company, having staged a broad repertoire of often innovative work for over sixty years.

in.players.amsterdam@gmail.com | View website | View on map

International Drama Group of English-Speaking Associates (IDEA)

Address: , Dordrecht
Tel: 0168 327 940

It has about 25 members from Ireland, English, Scotland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the US. IDEA was formed by English-speakers with a love of the arts and has been active for about 10 years in Dordrecht and Drechsteden. The group produces an average of two shows a year: a typical English pantomime in January/February and a smaller show in May/June.

mr.m.smit@zonnet.nl | View website | View on map

MAKALA French theatre group

Address: , Amsterdam
Tel: Ywan 06 2157 8952

French theatre group aiming at improvisation sessions, play readings and events organisation. Non-Frenchies more than welcome.

a.minderhout@chello.nl | View on map

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