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07/11/2012Coolest things to do in Amsterdam

Coolest things to do in Amsterdam With such a huge variety of bars, cafes, parks, and entertainers, there is never a shortage of activities and entertainment in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam’s alluring streets have been made famous worldwide for their old-fashioned charm and unique canals. The plethora of grassy parks and public squares makes this city the kind of place that lures people out of the quaint bars and into the streets to continue drinking their delicious beers and share in friendly conversations on the spacious lawns or at patio tables scattered throughout the city. But there are also tons of things to do in Amsterdam beyond the green spaces and luscious waterways. With an array of coffeeshops, brown bars and live music permeating the streets, the city keeps its denizens and tourists busy around the clock.  

Coolest things to do in AmsterdamIt would be an absolute shame to not take full advantage of all of Amsterdam’s outdoor life. Stop by Vondelpark, a 120-acre park, chock-full of tiny ponds, green spaces and gardens, or head over to Westergasfabriek, the city’s most interesting cultural playground with lots of picnic and barbeque space that is located on a former gas plant and that still houses old towers, warehouses and storage buildings. Oude Zijds, meanwhile, is the perfect neighborhood for a casual stroll; grab a bite to eat at one of the many cafés or meander through the tiny markets near the canal.

Coolest things to do in Amsterdam

If you need a little caffeination or a bit of relaxation, check out the bi-polar De Dampkring, a hippie den known for its part in the film Ocean’s 12. You can kick back and take in the earthy atmosphere while enjoying something from the café’s long list of weed and hash or, if that is not your thing, stick with the universally-friendly option of coffee. For those looking for a more exotic experience there is Bluebird, a rainforest-themed coffeeshop that is an easygoing oasis for those who want to sneak away from Amsterdam’s busy streets and have some quiet conversation at any time of day or night.

Coolest things to do in AmsterdamOf all the bars in Amsterdam, the city’s famous brown bars are perhaps the most ideal place to while away an effortless afternoon and sip some freshly brewed beer. Nestle into the dimly lit nooks of Café Hoppe or head outside to the covered terrace to chit-chat with the other patrons. For a more energetic vibe, wait till the sun goes down and join the crowds of college students and young professionals at Café De II Prinsen who have come to let loose and meet new people.

End your night at the intimate and upscale Bimhuis, a beautiful jazz club that exudes romance with its floor-to-ceiling windows and views of the city center. Snuggle into the classic red theater seats and listen to the sounds of high-quality jazz echoing around the amber-lit room. If a raging, multi-level club is more what you’re searching for, look no further than Paradiso, a live music venue and dance club housed in a former 19th-century church. The venue provides the perfect setting to see DJs spinning alternative beats or one of the big-name musicians that routinely play at the venue. Dance late into the night with the eclectic mix of people that changes according to who’s on the schedule; but no matter the performer, you are guaranteed to have a great night.

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Party Earth is a global media and entertainment company that features reviews, editorials, and listings of the best bars, clubs, festivals, concerts, events, and more in major cities around the world.

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