Choosing an international school

Choosing an international school

International schools are often the first option considered by expat parents. Designed to ease the educational transition of a move from one country to another, such expat schools are a good choice for the children of foreign parents who are staying temporarily in the host country. (Check out Expatica’s A-Z listings in the Education category for a listing of international schools in Belgium, France, Germany, the...

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15/04/2014 Register now for the 21st Century Global School

Register now for the 21st Century Global School Register now for the 21st Century Global School, a bilingual school opening in September in Haarlem. [Contributed by 21st Century Global School]

09/04/2014 Language for learning and life

Language for learning and life A new approach to language learning at the International School of Brussels aims to create a world without borders for their students. [Contributed by ISB]

22/09/2011 International schools: Schools in France

International schools in France Here is a selection of well-known international schools in France for children aged two to eighteen, plus where to get more information on school in France, French schools in France, and overall grade school education in France.

20/09/2011 International schools in Germany

International schools in Germany Here is our list of international schools in Germany.