LifeinAmsterdam: Best chocolate shops in Amsterdam

LifeinAmsterdam: Best chocolate shops in Amsterdam

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with Kira Nijenhuis's selection of top chocolatiers in the city, sampling Amsterdam's array of hand made and luxurious chocolates.

Be aware, don't trip over colourfully wrapped chocolate eggs. Easter bunnies have arrived in town and left their trail all over supermarkets and department stores.

If you're lucky, the bunnies first paid a visit to one of the chocolatiers below before hopping onto your (roof) terrace. The chocolates are a pure bliss and an excellent treat to spoil yourself and your loved ones!


The youngest chocolate boutique in Amsterdam carries the name of Vanderdonk. This specialty shop is the life-long dream of two brothers, Marcel and Pimm. Marcel has learned the art of chocolate from their grandmother. Besides home-made products, they also sell Europe's finest chocolate brands, such as (royal) Prestat from the UK, Summerbird from Denmark and Bonnat from France. On Saturdays freshly made chocolate truffles are sold.

Vanderdonk, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 72, Amsterdam.

Unlimited Delicious

The name stands true for this excellent chocolatier. All pralines, truffles and bonbons are home-made with the best of ingredients. From daring Tamarind Sambal, Grappa Poli bonbons to passion fruit truffles – they make it all!

Unlimited Delicious, Haarlemmerstraat 122, Amsterdam

Puccini Bomboni

The most faLifeinAmsterdam: Best chocolate shops in Amsterdammous Amsterdam chocolatier is Puccini. The Puccini Bomboni chocolates are handmade in the kitchen of their Staalstraat shop. They not only try to give each of the chocolates their own flavour, but also their own character by combining various herbs and spices, such as lemongrass, pepper, nutmeg. Unusual alcoholic drinks, such as cointreau, cognac or rum currant, and fruits, such as rhubarb, raspberry or cranberry for example, are all mixed into the very good quality chocolate. I'm awaiting a Facebook quiz – 'which Puccini Bombini chocolate are you?!'

Puccini Bomboni
, Staalstraat 17 and Singel 184, Amsterdam

Huize van Wely
The chicest chocolatier in Amsterdam is Huize van Wely. The shop looks like a jewellery shop selling ‘dark brown diamonds' and ‘vanilla coloured gem stones' – all equally delicious. The bonbons are wrapped in beautiful boxes with curly bows; a gift from Huize van Wely will capture any person's heart.

Huize van Wely
, Beethovenstraat 72 and Gelderlandplein 173

LifeinAmsterdam: Best chocolate shops in Amsterdam


Artichoc is worth visiting even just to check out the chocolate art in the window still. Artichoc is by far the most down-to-earth chocolatier of this list. Besides 44 different kinds of bonbons, the shop sells great chocolate (seasonal) gifts, such as chocolates in the shape of Delft Blue Clogs.

Artichoc, Koninginneweg 141, Amsterdam

Hotel Chocolat
Luxury British chocolatier and cocoa grower, Hotel Chocolate, opened its doors in June 2012. Like the new Bar Oldenhof, Hotel Chocolat also offers people to ‘escape' from their busy lives. Hotel Chocolat does so with high quality, splendidly presented chocolates. Already when opening the box, you forget about the ugly side of life. Then, when tasting the chocolate, your mind brings you to a bounty island. Quite like quality wines, the finish of the chocolates are long and luscious.

What to expect:

LifeinAmsterdam: Best chocolate shops in Amsterdam
Founder of Hotel Chocolat, Angus Thirlwell, and me with a The Purist 90% dark, organic Hacienda iara bar from Ecuador

  • A chocolate boutique, not an ordinary shop.
  • Affordable chocolates in all shapes and flavours, allowing you to find your perfect treat.
  • The Purist Selection – a selection of pure chocolate bars made of up to 100 percent cocoa from of the planet's most sought-after cocoa beans.
  • Seasonal chocolates, such as the Taste of Summer collection and chocolates to chill.
  • Chocolates gift-wrapped like true jewellery.
  • The largest chunk of chocolate ‘giant slabs', which Hotel Chocolat is renowned for.
A little secret.. in the back there is a partially hidden staircase. Mount it and find Coffee Vs Cocoa bar.

Good to know

  • Hotel Chocolat owns their own cacao plantation – Rabot Estate in Saint Lucia.
  • Only in 2011 did they open a real hotel in the grounds of Rabot Estate on Saint Lucia.
  • Hotel Chocolat creates and makes their own chocolates in Cambridgeshire.

Hotel Chocolat
, Heiligeweg 7, Amsterdam Centre. Open daily during regular shopping hours.


Kira Nijenhuis / Expatica

Kira NijenhuisKira Nijenhuis blogged about her Amsterdam discoveries on before moving to Belgium. She explores the city's beautiful and authentic side, from cool cocktails and luscious lunch places to century old bars and true local things to do. 



 Thumbnail credit: Huize van Wely

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    Hi, I also see that Van Velze's chocolaterie is missing too!! We handmake all our own chocolates and cakes on site and all our our cocoa comes from one farm in Costa Rica...Trinitario cocoa...
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    How could you have missed "Chocolátl" in the Jordaan? It could be argued that it is better than many of the places on your list.