Best hairdressers in Amsterdam

Best hairdressers in Amsterdam

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A good man might be hard to find, but finding a good hairdresser is next to impossible. Kira from Life in Amsterdam comes to the rescue.

The two main problems with hairdressers are: they (1) love cutting & colouring and (2) love hearing the sound of their own voice. The styles they produce may be artistic and beautiful for one day, but what we generally want is a haircut that looks good for a couple of weeks and without special lighting and real-time Photoshop.

Not to worry, though, there are some hair dressers in Amsterdam that are in many ways a cut above the rest.

The list is short; reviewing a bar and being shouted at is bad enough, testing hair dressers and looking like a wild cat is just not an option. So if you have a salon to add to the list, please share it with our readers.

Fikri Kala

Gone are the days that Fikri is booked for the next three months! After years of such work pressure, Fikri decided make rigorous changes: a minimalistic hair salon, everything in a clean (white) design, and two big mirrors on the wall. Classical music and no other hair dressers in the building, create a calm and serene ambiance. Fikri is a sweetheart and a sincere, warm man, who puts your wishes first. Got a busy work life? Unwind with a cup of green tea or proper coffee (his other passion). On Saturdays he's off, but on Sunday he is available to give you a new coup. Judging from his website, he still prefers to not be promoted, so let's keep his name a secret!
Fikri Kala
Keizersgracht 389, Amsterdam
Tel: 06.52649212

Coupe d'Etat
The review of a popular Dutch glossy magazine sounded good: honest advice based on your hair, face and lifestyle, plus good cutting and styling, as well as great service. I am so happy with the hairdressers here. A definite must-go to, also because of their fabulous natural-based, well-researched and highly-technical products. Ask Dave for the latest innovations to get the hair that you want! (In my case: thicker hair).

Wash, cut & style by the award-winning Creative Director Jeffrey EUR 65.
Coup d'Etat
Willemstraat 21, Amsterdam
Tel: 020.623 26 97

Hairfashion by Leo
Leo is a Hong Kong Chinese who trained with, among others, Mr. Vidal Sassoon himself. He has won several awards, and though he enjoys making you look ‘very now', he respects your wishes and keeps your hair as long and natural-looking as you tell him to. He also takes your lifestyle in consideration. If you, like us, don't have 30 minutes to spend blow drying your hair before going to work; Leo won't cut your hair in a style that requires that kind of commitment.  You lie on a (massage) bed to have your hair washed and receive a complimentary head massage. Leo has three specialties:

  1. Asian hair (we know a lady who travels 3 hours to have her long hair done by Leo)
  2. The bob (in the 1001 ways it comes)
  3. Repairing hair after bad colouring.


Wash, Cut and style by award-winning Leo EUR 54.
Hairfashion by Leo
Rokin 105, Amsterdam
Tel: 020.4232002

Lorenzo Fuente
The light and modern hair salon of Pierre, the 'celebrity hairdresser ', is located in the PC Hooftstraat. While your hair is washed, you receive a lovely massage from your chair. After conditioning, you receive a Japanese head massage. You don't need to bring photos of hair cuts that you like, Pierre looks at the shape of your face and how your hair naturally falls. Then together you decide how he should cut it. Pierre is a pleasant person to talk with; he has no arrogance, is open, and has a healthy dose of Dutch humour.
Wash, Cut and style around EUR 50.
Lorenzo Fuente
P.C. Hooftstraat 108, Amsterdam
Tel: 020.618 16 00

Rob Peetoom

Rob Peetoom is a name that has been around in the Dutch hair fashion world for over 40 years. Our model friend had her hair done here on her wedding day. She was happy with her hair (and still is happy with her husband, in case you are wondering). As the salon is a big name in Amsterdam, you don't always get the same hair dresser. To be consistently serviced well, ask to be cut by the award-winning Creative Director Vincent Langedijk.
Wash, cut & style by Vincent Langedijk EUR 64.
Rob Peetoom
Elandsgracht 68
Tel: 020 5285722.
There's also a branch in the Bijenkorf, but there's no Creative Director present.


Svemir on Olympiaplein (Stadionweg) also comes recommended. He's a kind, down-to-earth guy who listens to your wishes, advises well and doesn't force his opinion onto you. Very respectful and capable hairdresser. He was the one who asked me kindly whether I had ever thought of a short coup, instead of long hair. I gave him the freedom provided the coup would look 'natural'. And guess what... short hair looks way more natural than long hair with me. Thank you, Svemir, for your wise advice!
Svemir Hairdesign
Olympiaplein 144, Amsterdam South
T: 020-6626274


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Readers' recommendations

HB Hairstylers
WTC building,
Ameterdam Zuid, 1st floor.
T: 020-6624230

Singel Hair
Singel 45

Koffijberg on the Scheldestraat

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20 Comments To This Article

  • Mary posted:

    on 7th June 2016, 23:35:30 - Reply

    Sorry to read your story. Have you found a salon you liked in Amsterdam?
  • Anna posted:

    on 4th June 2016, 16:36:21 - Reply

    Antonio at "Oh You Pretty Things" is brilliant. I always love what he does with my hair, and I had a tonne of disasters trying to find a good hairdresser in Amsterdam before I found him. He is really is exceptional, a proper expert who takes the time to listen to what you really want (instead of assuming he knows) and then really carefully makes sure he understands the structure of your hair, head and face well before cutting. Every cut, I'm so amazed at how skilled he is, and the result is always even better than I'm hoping for.
  • Jane posted:

    on 14th December 2015, 12:27:42 - Reply

    Coupe d'%uFFFDtat uses indeed great products (Shu Uemura), but apart from that, stay away from it. I got the worst haircut of my life there and left the salon crying. The hairdresser (Anand) refused repeatedly to do what I asked and eventually said that he had to wrap things up because he had another client waiting. A nightmare. Had to go elsewhere to have it fixed the day after. Will visit Leo tomorrow, hoping for a better experience.
  • Patty posted:

    on 21st October 2015, 15:12:54 - Reply

    It was a very interesting post to read. Thank you for sharing. Look forward to reading another post written by you.

  • Sheldra posted:

    on 13th July 2015, 21:48:13 - Reply

    Will be visiting Amsterdam and will be looking from stylist for American American hair. Just a wash and style any recommendation?

  • Mariela posted:

    on 28th May 2015, 17:11:32 - Reply

    Do not go to the haradress lamaison at The Rozengracht! It has big commercial recommendation if you google best hairdresser. First on the list will come up with the hairdresser la Maison at the Rozengracht! Is the worst place I ever have been, I was last year to repear my hair color, my colorist was Mark, he said will be repear how I wanted it, with everything color, high light, wash, mask and dry 150 euros. He screwed up my hair completely, got very light instead on the top of my hair. :( Did looked like it needed again a color, was more dry, even so, he wanted to charged 150 euros, I said you didn't do high light it in the end, he try with dishonesty to charged me that anyway, in the end I felt me force to pay 120 euros about instead, that was last year in March, I fully not recommended this hairdresser, they are very bad colorist, unprofessional and dishonest because the minimum behaved of this situation I would have expect, that they would have offered me to not pay or to tried to fix their mistake that they did with my hair that day. But they didn't do that, in a very arrogant way how many Dutch people are. Unfortunately. He wanted to charged like he didn't do any mistake with my hair, when he crewed up my hair completely that I still after a year ago happened this. I didn't managed to get my hair properly repear. Unfortunately. I still looking for a good professional, honest, honest is very important for me, tolerant with expats and friendly too. I wish not one has to past for what I past through last year with this hairdresser la Maison at Rozengracht, I also don't have money to throw it away and tried to repear my color with this hairdresser last year in March, I felt me that I threw it away 120 euros because I feel I waist my time there and the money as well. If you are expat like living here or not, don't go to that hairdresser, you will get your hair screwed up, waist just your time and money only. Specially if you need a real color. They also don't wash well your hair, that day after coming out of that hairdresser I still could smell the color in my hair and my scaplt was still dirty with color too. But my scaplt was very sensitive, red and felt pain for few days at least. :( That I had to washed it again later on at home. They give bad service and the hate expats because I heard spite they new that they made a mistake with my hair Mark was talking to one of the Boss I think there in that hairdresser wich is women, don't worry she will pay 150 euros. They spoke in Dutch thinking I am expat and don't speak Dutch. But I do speak Dutch too. I am advance now, I had studied in unversty in Amsterdam, did my ITT2 exam and past it very well. So, they stupidly thought that I was an expat who doesn't speak Dutch but I do speak Dutch. I wasn't expecting to get such a behaved from that hairdresser. So, don't go there! I still looking in away how I can get my money back or partly at least because I feel I waist that money. Unfortunately. If someone know where to complain for me to get my money back. Let me know.
  • Nadine posted:

    on 24th April 2014, 07:00:39 - Reply

    [Note from the moderator: You may wish to join our community for local opinions:] Hi, I have long blonde weft hair extensions .. And I am having trouble finding information as to which hairdressers in Amsterdam specialise in extensions and also prices to move extensions and replace pieces as necessary. I am moving to Amsterdam from Australia in 8 weeks and need to find the right hairdresser ASAP . As I go every 4 weeks for regroqth, toning and have extensions moved, please advise. Many thx
  • David posted:

    on 15th March 2014, 22:23:50 - Reply

    Does anyone know a hairstylist by the name of Maria Heideman?
  • OS posted:

    on 20th February 2014, 19:56:30 - Reply

    Hi there, I had the same experience at Coup d’Etat as CE. I was cut by the creative director in beginning of October 2013 and still live with the consequences of his hair cut. Since then I have not visited another hair dresser because I try to grow out what he damaged. The worst hair cut in my entire life. [Edited by moderator]
  • Me posted:

    on 5th November 2013, 20:27:50 - Reply

    Leo is definitely the worst hairdresser I have ever been to. Never again there. His technique is just terrible. He refused to make some corrections saying that it was the way how he imagined me and he was not willing to change that. Never, never, never again there!!!
  • CE posted:

    on 22nd September 2013, 12:19:12 - Reply

    First time in my life that I post a comment about a hairdresser, but the uniquely bad and insulting experience left me no choice. Unless you really have no taste for yourself and leave it entirely to others to decide how to use your head and hair in a “creative” fashion, regardless of what you like or not, I strongly recommend not visiting Coup d’Etat. After all haircutting is a service profession (that’s why we pay). At Coup d’Etat I received the worst haircut relative to the price ever in my 50 years. Not technically, but in terms or regard (or rather disregard) for my own taste, it was an utter disaster. I had many bad cuts I didn’t like in my life but they usually did not cost over 60 Euros. Going there after I had been unhappy many times over the past 2 years, willing to pay more for advice and technical ability as well as experience, I encountered a certain Art Director; (at least that’s the card he gave me), who first made me wait 45 minutes because “another customer was late” (45 minutes?). So I did, which was my first mistake. Then I described that I would like his advice (note that I used the word advice and did not ask him to do whatever he pleases) and what I like and do not like having done with my hair. He declared in a grandiose fashion that there is “a lot of contradiction and uncertainty in what I said”, and that he will give me a “classic haircut”. Requesting an explanation he gave a couple wage statements that didn’t mean anything to me, and I made the second mistake deciding to trust him. An hour later, while I thought he is still at work but already had a bad feeling, he suddenly declared “that is it”, and I almost dropped from the chair. It was the exact opposite of what I told him I would like or the exact match what I described I dislike most (short at the sides and long in the front, hanging into my face.) Apparently it was no contradiction to do the opposite of what I liked. Upon my request to change it he made minor, irrelevant adjustments and declared more not to be possible. Surprisingly, more was indeed possible when I went to another haircutter, desperate as I was, and he fixed it as good as possible. So the end of the hour more than anything else may have determined the level of “creativity”. In hindsight he is... with good technique no doubt, who sensed my uncertainty due to bad experience and an ongoing illness, and played an expensive game of messing my hair up in his own “creative” way. I can easily imagine how his grandiose manner convinces many people that this must be good. In addition the old believe if you pay much it must be good works his way as well psychologically (“forced compliance“). In any case, be warned! [Edited by moderator]
  • Hanna posted:

    on 31st August 2013, 15:03:23 - Reply

    I would highly recommend you all Fleur at SalonB (the one behind the Old church in the city centre of Adam). She did me amazing natural blond highlights (many thin ones = perfect) and a beautiful cut. I was honestly happy for the result and felt really beautiful when leaving the salong (which doesn't happen too often after visiting a hairdresser). The blond color she created me is so good that I don't need to use damaging blond shampoo to keep it looking fresh. Her dying technique is also so great that my dark roots grow up very naturally, which means that I don't have to rush back immediately after 5 weeks. That is real money saving. Believe me, she is great and worth of visiting especially if you are demanding scandinavian wanting naturally beautiful blond hair!
  • s groenendal posted:

    on 16th December 2012, 21:46:59 - Reply

    i was last saterday in the salon from Leo and i am suprice from the results he make my hair and beauty. This is the best hairdresser i meet and i going next time to Leo. Everbody must to go there it is amazing work what Leo do.
  • Lynn Addis posted:

    on 30th November 2012, 18:28:03 - Reply

    DO NOT GO TO HAIR BY LEO. I am a former NYC stylist living here now...worst haircut in my life! I am appalled and his technique awful! Really upset i trusted this article and havent left the house since.
  • Karen Vivers posted:

    on 20th April 2012, 14:42:49 - Reply

    Hi There,

    As a loyal client for over 10 years, I swear by Koffijberg on the Scheldestraat! Well trained staff who listen to what you want, technically excellent and great service! Richard Koffijberg is in himself almost an institution in the city, as well as being one of the best known hair stylists in his industry. Give them a try!
  • Cat posted:

    on 20th April 2012, 09:22:46 - Reply

    Do you recommend any one in Den Haag...surely there must be someone!
  • Peaches posted:

    on 19th April 2012, 08:23:18 - Reply

    After having gone straight to a big name hairdressers when arriving in Amsterdam (the letters T
  • Justin posted:

    on 18th April 2012, 21:26:01 - Reply

    Try Singel Hair on Singel 45. Sylvia and team does a very good job.
  • fortuner posted:

    on 18th April 2012, 18:48:51 - Reply


    I hear he is supposed to be very good.
  • Himanshu Shah posted:

    on 18th April 2012, 17:45:48 - Reply

    I would strongly recommend Berge of HB Hairstylers who operates out of his simplistic saloon at the WTC building, Ameterdam Zuid, 1st floor. 6 years and going strong, my wife and I swear by his magic touch..he and his partner Christine are fine human beings as well and certainly recommended for both, gentlemen and ladies. Quite popular with Dutch celebs and expats equally. T:020-6624230