Helping people adopt healthy food habits

Helping people adopt healthy food habits

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Whether it be for weight loss, boosting energy, putting a stop to binge eating and overeating, I am here to help, says Anna Wallace. [Contributed by Anna’s Nutrition]

I want to educate people about this ever so complicated world of nutrition. For some people, all the advice available is very misleading, with its conflicting claims on what’s healthy and what’s not.

My theory is simple: eat food that is as natural as possible and unprocessed. Balance is key. Believe me, I still enjoy that tasty ice cream on a sunny day. No need to cut out food groups, not unless they affect your health. Take time to cook, take time to prepare and being organised. These are all components of having a healthy, balanced diet. I can show you exactly how to do this. This is no fad, this is simply eating nutritious and delicious food and you will be able to sustain this kind of eating for the rest of your life. You will learn to enjoy food, not be afraid of eating. I don’t like to say I offer 'diets'. I offer people programmes that will change your way of eating and most importantly, you will enjoy it.

Healthy balanced diet by Anna’s Nutrition

At the moment, my specialisation is weight loss and coaching to stop binge eating and overeating. My service offers you various options, so you can choose what works best for you. I believe that every person is different. Therefore each person will receive a unique programme from me, depending on your needs. Please check the diet advice tab on my website for more detailed information.

As a registered associate nutritionist and a weight-loss specialist, you can be sure that my advice is to a high standard and backed up with evidence-based research. The knowledge that I have gained through my education has equipped me with being able to help people get back to the basics with food. 

Anna's NutritionI am here to support my clients every step of the way. I want to show you healthy eating can really be fun, creative and never boring. In turn my aim is that you never look for another fad diet again. All I ask from you is commitment and dedication. If you are ready to begin this journey to a healthier way of life, then let’s do this!

Simply email with your goals in mind and we can arrange for your free initial strategy consultation to see if my services are a good fit for you.

I look forward to hearing from you. Check out Anna’s Nutrition website and socials for nutritious recipes and tips on how to live a healthier life.


Contributed by Anna’s Nutrition

Anna’s Nutrition

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