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Choosing a more affordable expat Dutch health insurance without 'own risk' costs

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LoonZorg's No Risk policy is made especially for expats and their families. It exempts you from the pricey 'own risk' costs of basic Dutch insurance packages but still gives access to world-class healthcare. [Contributed by LoonZorg]

Dutch health insurance policies are notorious for their high 'own risk' costs, which must be paid on top of monthly premiums. But now, LoonZorg offers a new and better option especially for expats looking to receive the same high quality of care in the Netherlands without these 'own risk' costs. Dutch expat health insurance provider LoonZorg discusses the benefits of this unique and affordable health insurance policy. 

Compulsory health insurance

For almost everyone who is registered as a resident in the Netherlands, it is compulsory to be insured for healthcare by a Dutch health insurer.

The content of this obligated basic health insurance or the standard package (basisverzekering) is determined by the Dutch government. For example, it contains (partial) coverage for medical care performed by the general practitioner (huisarts), maternity care and hospital care.

Besides the obligated standard package, one is free to purchase a supplementary package (aanvullende verzekering) to cover expenses for care that is not covered in the standard package. One can cover costs for physiotherapy or eye care by concluding a supplementary healthcare package.

Own risk in the Netherlands

Although the content or the coverage of the basisverzekering is exactly the same, the premium that different health insurance companies charge varies. Be aware, however, that the lowest premium may also have greater financial consequences.

In 2016, everyone must pay the first EUR 385 of their healthcare expenses out of pocket, as this amount is not covered by the basic Dutch health insurance or basisverzekering. This deductible excess amount is known as your 'own risk' or eigen risico.

Besides this compulsory own risk, one can lower their monthly premium by choosing a basisverzekering with an extra voluntary own risk. This extra own risk could be as high as EUR 885, which the insured has to pay before having the possibility to claim or reimburse care expenses.

However, as an expat you can sign up for LoonZorg's new No Risk insurance policy, which exempts you from paying the annual excess of EUR 385.

LoonZorg specialises in health care packages for expats or labour migrants

As an intermediary, LoonZorg offers the health insurances of HollandZorg and CZ. We provide people with information about the health care system and help them to choose the right package like the No Risk policy — the absolute most popular health insurance we offer.

No Risk policy

This new No Risk policy is only available to expats and has a monthly premium of EUR 93,03. The only two requirements for this special insurance policy are that you: have a foreign (non-Dutch) passport and that you are employed in the Netherlands. Expats who are newly arrived or currently settled in the Netherlands are both eligible for the policy.

Benefits of the No Risk policy

In addition to what is already covered by the basic health insurance, LoonZorg's No Risk policy offers the following benefits:

  • 10 percent discount on the basic health insurance monthly premiums
  • Coverage of emergency dental care to a value of EUR 200 per year
  • Coverage of repatriation to your home country within geographical Europe
  • Insurance can be ended with one day’s notice
  • Coverage of the compulsory and voluntary own risk

How does it work?

LoonZorg's special rates are based on the fact that the average healthcare consumption of expats is lower than that of Dutch citizens. Because of this, LoonZorg has been able to develop an agreement with a major healthcare provider to be able to offer this unique policy for expats. This health insurance package can be ended on a daily basis and has a premium of EUR 93,03 per month.

It is important to know that HollandZorg does not offer a possibility to add extra supplementary insurances to this policy package. This No Risk policy is meant for people who work in The Netherlands and are only staying in The Netherlands on a temporary basis. You are not allowed to have a Dutch passport when availing this package.

How to sign up for your ‘No Risk’ insurance

You can easily sign up for LoonZorg’s No Risk health insurance policy by filling out the form on the website. You will need to provide a copy of your passport and an employer’s statement to prove that you are employed in the Netherlands. LoonZorg will contact you after receiving the registration form.

Standard health insurances plus extended coverages of HollandZorg

For expats who would like to take out extra additional health insurance, it is also possible to take out standard health insurance via LoonZorg with a substantial discount. These offers do also apply for partners and/or children of employees. Although these health insurances are offered with a substantial discount, please be aware that these policies do come with an own risk. The premium depends on the amount of the own risk and the supplementary insurance. You can find the packages we offer here.

The discounts are seven percent on the premium of the basic health insurance and seven percent on the premium of the additional (supplementary) insurances. When calculating the premium you will be given the opportunity to click on ‘Search for discount’. If you fill in ‘LoonZorg’, the discount will automatically be deducted from your calculated premium. 

You can find more information about HollandZorg here.

Standard health insurances plus extended coverages of CZ

LoonZorg also offers health insurances from CZ — which are ideal for employers who would like the Dutch employees to benefit from discounts as well. In order to arrange these benefits, the employer is welcome to contact LoonZorg. We will take care of filling out the documents needed in order to arrange a contract with CZ. Furthermore, the employer benefits from the possibility of referring employees who have specific care questions to LoonZorg. 


Do you have more questions about our services? Please visit our FAQ page or contact us via:


Contributed by Remko van der Zwart, LoonZorg.

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