Expats can beat low interest rates by investing via Internet financial services

Expats can beat low interest rates by investing via Internet financial services

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The Internet provides investment opportunities for expats across Europe. Investing via the international Internet platform Raisin enhances interest rate gains, giving you the choice of savings products from banks across the EU. [Contributed by Raisin]

Investing your money as an expat can be complicated. It can mean dealing with different countries, banks and sometimes even different currencies. With the Internet and the Euro, earning higher interest rates on your hard-earned savings has become a readily-available alternative.

Raisin - online financial services
The three founders of Raisin: Michael Stephan, Frank Freund and Tamaz Georgadze

Raisin takes the burden off expats who frequently change country of residence and who prize the flexibility of an international platform that allows customers to maintain one account regardless of where in the EU they are based.

Online financial services enable savers to invest directly in the most profitable markets, including savings products with banks abroad that offer higher interest rates. To date, Raisin has more than 50,000 satisfied customers who have invested over EUR 1.7 billion with Raisin’s partner banks.

Easy-access savings accounts and term deposits

Raisin offers its customers easy-access savings accounts, from which your money can be accessed at any time, and term deposits, which offer less flexibility in accessing money, but come with higher interest rates.

Term deposits are available with durations that range from 6 months to ten years. You can invest as little as EUR 5,000 for a return of 1.05%.

Protecting your investments

Raisin makes investing easier, giving you the freedom to decide where in Europe you invest your money, with the confidence that each EU member-state has a national EU-mandated Deposit Guarantee Scheme that protects 100% of your savings up to EUR 100,000 per customer and bank. The European Union has harmonised the Deposit Guarantee Schemes. The recent implementation of Directive 2014/49/EU provides further harmonisation.

Raisin - interest rates

Will you raise your interest?

You can sign up for a zero-cost Raisin Account and explore the deposit products our partner banks offer. Afterwards you can manage all your investments via the Raisin Online Banking System. In case further questions arise our friendly English-speaking service team will be happy to help you. Learn more at Raisin.com.

Contributed by Frank Freund, Chief Financial Officer of Raisin.

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