High quality online speech therapy at your convenience in the comfort of your own home

High quality online speech therapy at your convenience in the comfort of your own home

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TinyEYE Europe delivers speech therapy to you, your child, your parent – wherever you may be. [Contributed by TinyEYE Europe]

With the high mobility of multilingual professionals and their children, there is an increasing need for help in language proficiency.  The ageing population in remote areas with low mobility need to restore communication ability. And societies demanding multilingualism from their population. TinyEYE has the solution for all these groups.

Speech therapists who will work with you at your own convenience

Children find learning delightful with our speech therapists. Professionals hone their skills in new languages; stroke, Parkinson and dementia patients are easily reached and helped in their early stages of rehabilitation and sickness; family and caregivers are involved and informed, benefitting communication between each other. The therapy that we offer is effective and convenient. You will find that results come fast and the speech therapy delivered is highly professional and well documented. 

The people we work with include children who need help in one or several languages; adults with busy careers requiring high language proficiency in new languages; patients with disability-related limited communication needing therapy fast to restore communication skills. All these individuals turn to TinyEYE for fast, effective online speech therapy services in the convenience of their home or office.     



Due to the online nature of our services, our speech therapists may be accessed from anywhere. While on holiday, your little girl can connect with her speech therapist between enjoying the sun, beach and sea. TinyEYE therapy inludes games, which help her perfect her speech and language skills.

A busy English professional in Berlin aiming to perfect her skills in German can turn to a German TinyEYE speech therapist to help her perfect her articulation at times that she can fit into her schedule.

A Parkinson’s patient in a remote village in Portugal without speech therapy services in Dutch, has access to his online TinyEYE speech therapist at times that suit him.

A bedridden patient in a small town in France connects with her online TinyEYE speech therapist in the Netherlands, receiving vital assistance in English for her rehabilitation at an early stage after her stroke.

flexibility A bilingual child living 40 minutes from the nearest Italian speech therapist in Amsterdam does not need to be brought to the speech therapist every week by her mother. She simply connects to her speech therapist in Bari, Italy online and real-time – at times suitable to both parent and child.

There is no need to spend time travelling across the city, no parking costs, no inconvenience, no cycling through rain and wind – just simply connecting in the comfort of your own home (or wherever else you need to be).

Between live online sessions with their TinyEYE speech therapist, our clients practice using TinyEYE’s unique homework module. They have access to tailormade speech therapy training material and personalised video clips demonstrating the exercises that need to be done 

Contact TinyEYE Europe to help yourself and your loved ones (re)gain the necessary communication skills for a full and rewarding life.  


Contributed by TinyEYE Europe 

Contributed by TinyEYE Europe






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