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Frustrated with Dutch courses that only deal with canals and cheese when you need to speak in real life? Flowently offers lessons that focus on your actual life to help you learn the language you need, not what’s in the book. [Contributed by Flowently]

A fresh approach to learning Dutch

Develop natural Dutch conversation skills with Flowently’s unique concept of language learning. Instead of lessons in classes with textbooks and theory, explore real-life situations with the guidance of a personal tutor. In these live language sessions you will learn “the little magic phrases”, and your tutor will help you converse like a native.

Set your goal and learn what is relevant 

Flowently’s secret lies in correctly identifying your goals and then working with your actual life experiences to guide you through acquiring the actual language that you need and want. Whether you want to work with a tutor to boost your social skills or need in-company training for business purposes, Flowently can help you achieve your language goals.

Dutch courses

Meet the locals and have fun

Flowently believes in learning languages by doing, and it will help you set your goals to learn in a realistic context while you meet the locals and have fun. Based in Amsterdam but also located in over 30 cities in the Netherlands, Flowently provides a practical, social and useful way to learn Dutch in real Dutch situations. You can explore your city or neighbourhood with your tutor, discovering hidden treasure and going where the locals go!

A wide range of sessions and topics

Apart from practical, everyday Dutch, highly specialised areas of language are also covered by the large team of tutors. If you want to focus on history, politics, a job interview, business language terminology and presentations, Flowently can help you. But if your interests lie in sports, personal life, family matters, art and philosophy, there are professionals who can assist you as well.

Tutors, professional teachers and many languages

If you need a more structured learning experience, Flowently offers professional language training with qualified teachers. You can combine working with a teacher, with a tutor and even organise in-company training to help you meet your language learning goals. You can learn a wide range of languages using Flowently’s method. They currently offer a number of languages, including Arabic, Azerbaijani, Dutch, English, German, Ancient and Modern Greek, Hindi, Italian, Latin, Mandarin, Papiamentu, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

How to learn Dutch

Two of the biggest reasons many learners do not advance their language skills are a lack of practice time and being too nervous to practice. With Flowently, clients have the opportunity to practice in a safe, non-judgemental space and build their confidence in using the new language in public. The combination of professionally taught lessons with a tutor also means a varied output, which can focus on the hard-to-master aspects of a language.

Customised flexibility

Flowently’s success lies in its fully customised response to clients’ needs. The focus on customised learning also extends to study materials, the length of courses and individual sessions, and can include Skype sessions. You can plan a course over several weeks, do a short-term crash course or embark on a full-immersion training, depending on your current language level, time available and commitment to learning. There is no one solution, but rather a range of options that can be tailored to deliver the result best suited to your lifestyle.

Contact Flowently today and choose a tutor and a topic that will help you learn the language you want. Go with the flow, smart and easy!



Contributed by Flowently

Flowently - Netherlands

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