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TinyEYE Europe's online therapy programme is the answer for people seeking a mobile solution for their speech and language problems. [Contributed by TinyEYE Europe]

“No more exhausting trips to the speech therapist, the speech therapist comes to you, wherever you are!”

We are part of an aging population. For those in later life, quality of living is very important. The number of pensioners with internet access at home has tripled in the past decade. 'Silver surfers' are going online in greater numbers to communicate electronically, providing a lifeline to those who live far away from family or who cannot leave their homes easily.

In the UK, research has shown that 71 percent of seniors go online daily and 77 percent own a cell phone. In the Netherlands, over 50 percent own a tablet (in comparison to 30 pecent of youngsters). These numbers suggest the elderly to be curious and agile with these technologies. Communication skills and still being able to take part in society are important factors in later life. But because the aging population is growing, so are the impairments and diseases that come along with old age. Think of aphasia caused by a stroke, dementia or Parkinson.

Speech and language therapists play an important role in the health care concerning these different diseases. People with help from these health care professionals normally enjoy being in a comfortable and safe environment. But even better, elderly people can now receive online support from a speech therapist from any destination — may that be at home, in a holiday house or travelling with their partner.

TinyEYE online speech and language therapy provides speech therapy sessions via a laptop or tablet, wherever one may be! Our online speech therapists manage the support for those experiencing language problems, cognitive problems, speech impairments or swallowing deficits. We get in contact with elderly clients in all sorts of ways. Sometimes they contact us and sometimes we contact the clients directly. We also find contact with district nurses or family care givers important.

The therapy is given through our software programme, which is provided in the form of an online service. Client and speech therapist can log in via the site and enter the virtual speech therapy room. The client and speech therapist will be able to see each other on a big screen and also converse through microphones. Using this connection, we do all kinds of exercises to help a client improve. 

Every therapy situation, however, is different. Some older clients enjoy having their partner present during a therapy session. Luckily, it’s easy for that person to join the client behind the computer. Less mobile clients sometimes want to have the therapy session while in bed or in their wheelchair. They place the laptop next to the bed or wheelchair and communicate with the speech therapist while lying down. We also provide the sessions via a tablet. If needed, we provide our straightforward instruction manual on how to access TinyEYE via a tablet. Since TinyEYE speech therapy is completely focussed on the client, we adapt the therapy sessions to the specific client and situation. We believe that’s what those in later life deserve!

While online speech therapy is the future, some clients are hesitant to try it because it's a new concept. We understand these concerns and therefore provide online demonstrations. Through this, a client, family member or nurse can get an idea on how it works and how easy it is. In some situations, a nurse or other caregivers play an important part in online speech therapy. Some elderly clients like to have guidance during the first stages of the programme from someone they know well.

Everything is possible. We do our best to guide and support our clients on a personal level. We help them improve their daily communication skills and function through therapy targeting their speech, language, writing and reading. Our health care professionals also train their memory and when they experience swallowing difficulties, help them achieve safe swallowing. 

Improve your quality of life and try our award-winning web-based software programme. Get to know our speech therapists personally. Ask us anything! 


Speak to you soon!

TinyEYE team 



Contributed by TinyEYE Europe 

Contributed by TinyEYE Europe

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