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An Executive MBA in the Netherlands that will change your career in the first 8 days

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Challenge yourself and enroll in MSM's Executive EMBA program and see how it can propel your life and career to greater heights. [Sponsored by Maastricht School of Management]

The Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is the toolkit of choice of ambitious managers, entrepreneurs and decision-makers who aim to boost their careers and business success. It is also the challenge of choice of a select few individuals who aspire to test themselves and their personal competencies across various fields such as economics, management, and logistics to name but a few. In short, an Executive MBA is a game-changer in your life and career.  

Maastricht School of Management (MSM) really knows how to put together an Executive MBA that offers an exceptional return in terms of knowledge gained, networks expanded, and abilities tested. This is because MSM has put together a practical program of learning that combines a flexible, part-time modular approach that allows you to balance the pressures of work and study with content and practical immersion that is rigorous but not overly theoretical. In short, an Executive MBA with its feet on the ground. 

Maastricht School of Management: Executive MBA

The MSM Executive MBA starts at a fast pace and never lets up, and will make you look forward to each unique module. Read below how Rama Santhanam, who recently started in the program, describes the illuminating first eight days in the Executive MBA: 

Maastricht School of Management: Executive MBA “I arrived in Maastricht excited about the Executive MBA program and very curious about how the initial eight days are going to be. I had not sat in a classroom in more than a decade and wondered if I will be able to pull through the 8 hours of lectures. I had so many questions running through my mind and all my questions were answered positively. The lecturers gave confidence that each one of us had it in us to get through this program successfully. And it was evident that they had cherry picked each one of us because we jelled in together so beautifully. After the first day I could see that lifelong friendships are going to be made here and maybe future business partnerships and innovations are in the making as well.

For the first module, we had Marketing and Supply Chain Management courses and both the lecturers, were great. They explained concepts very well and even though EMBA lectures are like crash courses, they made us comfortable with the subjects very fast.

For the first time I could see what it is to run an organisation and how complex supply chain management is. As a customer one doesn’t see these things and complain when services aren’t provided as expected, but sometimes a company has to figure out humongous complexities in order to provide a simple service/delivery.

Maastricht School of Management: Executive MBA

For these courses, we as well had work visits to companies DLL Financial Solutions and Sabic. The workshops provided by both companies were very insightful and we could participate in real world problems rather than just learning concepts.

We also had a wonderful guest speaker Mr. Marc Lammers, a former field hockey player and head coach. He was very inspiring, insightful and very pragmatic. He gave us tools that can be used in every profession and I was amazed when he started listing issues that could impair success. When he was giving examples, all I could think was that’s so true, it happened in my previous job. He as well made me think the mistakes that I made and how I could avoid doing them in the future. I will be using these tools, both professionally and personally. MSM does really know how to design the Executive MBA.

Overall the first module turned out to be a great start and I’m super excited to study and work with my classmates throughout the Executive MBA program. And honestly I can’t wait for the second module to start. Second module, here I come!”

Maastricht School of Management: Executive MBA

Maastricht School of Management (MSM) would like to challenge you to try the first 8-days of its program. We believe that like Rama, the first 8-days of this course will change if not your life, then your outlook on business. Take up the challenge and contact us now to enroll and make sure to reserve your seat in the next intake, which will start in October 2017. We indeed do cherry-pick the best applications, and seats in the program are limited.

The application deadlines are: 1 August (Early Bird Deadline) or 1 September. Please note that scholarships for MSM's EMBA program are available.

To see a photo impression of the Executive MBA course week, click on the link below to watch the video:

Sponsored by Maastricht School of Management
Maastricht School of Management: Executive MBA  

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