Distance learning delivers Dutch education anywhere in the world

Distance learning delivers Dutch education anywhere in the world

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The Netherlands is no longer the home base of you and your family; another part of the world is. How can you still ensure your child maintains the Dutch language and culture? Distance learning may be the answer. [Contributed by IVIO Wereldschool]

You have left the Netherlands and relocated to another country, but want your child to maintain the Dutch language and culture.

Perhaps your child has the option to attend Dutch language and culture lessons at a local or an international school, but there is another option that allows your child to do this from home at his or her own pace: distance learning. What are the advantages, and what does it involve? 

Maintain proficiency with the mother tongue

Without Dutch schooling, your child will soon develop a Dutch language deficiency. His or her
vocabulary will lag behind, and writing skills in particular will develop less quickly or not at all. With Dutch coursework, you can prevent this lag in the mother tongue and make it easier for your child to rejoin the Dutch education system when you decide to return to the Netherlands.

Distance learning: How does it work?

Distance learning is a type of education in which the student doesn’t attend classes at a school,
but follows courses at home or at any other location. An online or physical teaching package enables you to follow qualitatively good Dutch education anywhere in the world.

Distance learning delivers Dutch education anywhere in the world

You will go through the lessons with your child under the supervision of a qualified teacher, from a distance. Do you have an au pair or nanny? He or she can also go through the lessons with your child.

Flexible schooling, at your own pace

Joining the programme is possible at any time, and your child can follow the lessons when it suits you. 

This type of education doesn’t tie you down to fixed school days or holidays. On top of that, your child can work with the teaching materials at his or her own pace.

Does your child excel at a particular subject? Then he or she can work through it quickly without having to wait for any classmates, and more time and focus can be given to a subject with which your child needs more guidance. This goal-oriented approach not only leads to better academic performance, but also increases your child’s chances for success.

Do you want to learn more about distance learning for your child? Please send us your details here.

Contributed by IVIO Wereldschool.

IVIO Werelendschool

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