Become a leader with Nyenrode’s EMBA programme

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Effective leadership can be taught, but it’s real-world experience that truly fosters it. Nyenrode offers the best of both with its Executive MBA programme, allowing expats to attend one of the best business schools in the Netherlands while growing their skill set. [Contributed by Nyenrode Business Universiteit]

Standard MBA programmes offer part-time schedules for expats already in the workforce, but the structure often falls short — students may not receive enough practical knowledge and personal development with a traditional MBA diploma to grow as leaders. The English-language EMBA programme at Nyenrode, one of the top business universities in the Netherlands, allows international students to truly immerse themselves in an intensive executive MBA study programme. The programme seeks to build character traits essential to strong leadership through its unique structure, international opportunities and vast network of professionals. 

Six-module EMBA programme

Executive MBA programmes offered by many business universities in the Netherlands often comprise evening and weekend classes that overload working students’ busy schedules. Nyenrode Business Universiteit, on the other hand, has especially developed an EMBA programme that allows students to fully focus on academics while balancing their careers and personal lives.

EMBA students follow a 22-month study programme, which is offered in six modules that take place every three months. Each module, lasting just two weeks, is designed to be as intensive as the real business world.

Four of the modules are followed at the Nyenrode business school in the Netherlands, located just a 30-minute drive from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Breukelen. Students stay at Nyenrode’s Plesman Hotel for the duration of the two-week modules, allowing fellow students in the MBA diploma programme to interact with each other outside of the classroom. The living arrangement also facilitates team discussions and peer coaching sessions, resulting in an around-the-clock focus on academics and networking. 

Executive MBA

An MBA diploma with international experience

Two of the modules allow students to get hands-on international experience at Nyenrode’s partner universities. The current EMBA programme will send students to both Renmin University in China and Stellenbosch University in South Africa, emphasising and growing business skills on a global scale. Because Nyenrode aims to create leaders capable of managing diverse environments, the international modules in the executive MBA programme are just as intense as those followed at the business school in the Netherlands.

MBA diploma

Networking opportunities abound

In addition to its partner universities, Nyenrode has over 25,000 alumni in 100 countries. This creates networking opportunities that other Dutch business schools don’t offer, as EMBA students are immediately gifted a network of talented executives all over the world.

Get a taste of these networking opportunities and learn more about the EMBA programme by attending Nyenrode’s upcoming Executive MBA Experience Weekend.

Universities in the Netherlands

Executive MBA Experience Weekend 2–3 December 2016

Participate in lectures from Nyenrode professors and network with EMBA alumni and other potential students at this two-day gathering, beginning on Friday evening with a lecture and networking event. Register at the Executive MBA Experience weekend to take in the beautiful 13th-century Nyenrode estate while seeing firsthand what the school has to offer.


Contributed by Nyenrode Business Universiteit


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