Where to live in Luxembourg

Where to live in Luxembourg

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If you're planning to live in Luxembourg, here are some areas that are popular with expats in the Grand Duchy. Find where to live in Luxembourg.

Due to the size of the country, commuting is rather easy. A lot of people decide to live in neighbouring Belgium, France or Germany to avoid high house prices

The international schools and most international organisations are in the capital; consequently this is the most popular city amongst expats. Luxembourg City has some pleasant districts as well as neighbouring communes

Limpertsberg is popular with students and business people who enjoy an underground atmosphere. This district is also close to the city centre.

Howald is on the other side but is also a short ride from the centre. This is a quieter area with lots of greenery, though some parts suffer from heavy traffic and national roads.

Strassen is more expensive, but even calmer area, lined by forest. (Again, some parts have heavy traffic.) People here enjoy a lot of sports facilities.

Merl is another green area, ideal for families; there are plenty of parks and a lot of opportunities to enjoy horse riding.

Belair is a similar area but closer to the centre, with more upmarket buildings and therefore more expensive.

Grund is located downhill in the historical area of the city. The rent prices are higher but the view is magnificent. If you decide to live in the middle of the centre instead, you can also enjoy the views of the Grund, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is the most multi-cultural area, with plenty of restaurants, bars and pubs.

There is also the Gare, or railway station, area. There are hotels, restaurants and nightclubs around the station, though the centre, Clausen and Hollerich are more popular locations for nightlife. The area is linked to the centre by a bridge.

If you decide to work in the capital but to live outside, be sure to check that there are buses or other transport connections.

Housing terms (French – German)
rent: loyer – vermietung
buy: acheter – kaufen
estate agent: immobilier – makler
lease: bail – mietvertrag
deposit: caution – kaution
mortgage: hypothèque – hypothek
commute: commuter – pendeln


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  • EditorLU posted:

    on 2nd March 2010, 11:18:42 - Reply

    Dear Mr Vauban,

    Thanks for your reaction and for alerting us as to the inaccuracy of the source for this article. We will take this into consideration when sourcing future information for Luxembourg.

    Your own information has been duly incorporated.

    Expatica LU Editor
  • Willy Vauban posted:

    on 3rd February 2010, 16:41:01 - Reply

    It's great that you have expanded your site to cover Luxembourg. However, this article is very incomplete and in some ways, based on wrong information.

    1. Howald and Strassen are not "districts within Luxemburg City". They are neighbouring communes.

    2. Several parts of both Strassen and Howald suffer heavy traffic and busy national roads.

    3. Belair, being closer to the city centre and having more upmarket buildings, is more expensive than Merl.

    4. If by "nightlife" you mean prostitution, then yes, Gare is where to be. However, most bars and clubs are in the Centre and Clausen areas and in Hollerich.

    5. By "lastly there is the Gare" you make it sound like you've just described all the areas in Luxembourg CIty. Last time I counted, there were 26 areas in Luxembourg City and Howald and Strassen are not among them.

    Again, thanks again for taking an interest in expat life in Luxembourg, but it would be great to see better research and less misleading info.