Having a baby in Luxembourg

Having a baby in Luxembourg

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If you're planning to have a baby in Luxembourg, here a guide on giving birth in Luxembourg from prenatal care to registering the birth.

Pregnancy, childbirth and baby-care are all available in Luxembourg.

In preparation for you child
Step 1: You can buy pregnancy tests in all pharmacies and most supermarkets.
Step 2: You can easily get in touch with an obstetrician to your liking. Remember, you choose your own specialists. The best way is to find one through your doctor or by asking friends for recommendations.
Step 3: All mothers are entitled to a prenatal allowance and child allowance after birth. The obstetrician and the hospital will provide all the necessary documents.

Prenatal care
Before birth, you will visit the obstetrician regularly and receive monthly checkups on blood, pressure, and heart rate. Once the baby is due, you will deliver it in one of the two maternity clinics, but you should organise the details with your obstetrician well before the due-date. An organisation called Well Baby Clinic organises English tours of the maternity centres if you would like to familiarise yourself in advance. The organisation also offers prenatal classes, yoga and informal meetings for mothers-to-be.

In the maternity centre, all delivery nurses are trained midwives. The mother will deliver in one room where the ‘labour’ bed is transformed into a ‘delivery’ bed. Women usually remain in the hospital for a few days after delivery. If you wish to have your child circumcised, the hospital can arrange this during your stay. Just inform your obstetrician on time.

Once the child is born, the paediatrician will do a check-up within 48 hours. There will continue to be regular check-ups with the same paediatrician or a new one should you wish to switch. You will be given a book for the baby with all the necessary details on future checkups and vaccinations.

Having a baby in Luxembourg

After the birth
Every baby must be registered in the commune of your district within five days. It is essential to do so within this time period, or complications may arise. Hospital papers and passports are needed. The commune will give you an official birth certificate. You should also contact your embassy along with the commune. Children are usually required to take the father’s surname, unless the parents are not married and the father’s name is not on the birth certificate. Recently, it has been legalised to give the child both parents’ surnames.

The important terms (French – German)
Pregnancy: la grossesse - schwangerschaft
Childbirth: l’accouchement - geburt eines kindes
Maternity leave: congé de maternité - mutterschaftsurlaub
Parental leave: le congé parental - elternurlaub
Midwife: sage-femme - hebamme
Father: père - vater
Mother: mere - mutter

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