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Jean-Baptiste is a French dating-lifestyle coach and has been living in Amsterdam since 2003. Originally from Paris, he studied political science and economics at University of Paris-Sorbonne and in Canada. He is a Business Graduate and studied Arts and Heritage at University of Maastricht in The Netherlands. He is also a qualified make-up artist and organises events in Amsterdam with the “Bon Esprit” collective. Fascinated from an early age by the game of seduction, Jean-Baptiste became a noted dating and relationship columnist for in 2006. He was hailed as a “Master Seducer” by Le Journal Du Dimanche in 2008. He founded Blusher Seduction that same year to help single men and women to create the love-life they really want. Since then, he has been coaching single expats of various ages and nationalities through one-on-one workshops, masterclasses and seminars.

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Phillip Stallwood

I am a british citizen living in oman. My wife is from the Philippines where we were married. I am divorcing her in the uk on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour and already have the decree nisi.

However I cannot obtain the decree absolute until the arrangements for out two children are established. As they are domiciled in the uk I cannot get a uk judgement, and having tried to obtain custody in oman this was refused as we are expats. How can I establish custody ?

Many thanks


by Phillip Stallwood on 02 Sep 2014 Read Answer

I found the men I met in the Netherlands to be really weird about contraceptives. For example, one guy wouldn't sleep with me because he didn't want to wear a condom and I am not on birth control. Another guy didn't mind using a condom but said it was difficult to even find them and that he hadn't used a condom in six years. Is this normal for Dutch guys or did I just meet some weird ones?

by Heather on 29 Dec 2013 Read Answer

Hello Jean-Baptiste,

I´m living in Belgium since 2010, and I would like to know about places / groups for gays and lesbians expats.
Thank you!

by Ana on 29 Oct 2013 Read Answer

Hi Jean-Baptiste, I was in a relationship in the Uk for 13 years (married for of these years) and found out at end that he was a serial cheater so have spent the past 5 years alone. I have lived in Netherlands 4 years now and am tempted to try and get back on the dating scene but as I am 51, it seems that there are age limits of 45 on most single events, should I just accept I will be alone for rest of my life or can you give me advice on best approach?

by Carol on 30 Aug 2013 Read Answer

Hi Jean,

I am a Ghanian, but I live in Holland and my girlfriend is French. We both want to get married in the Netherlands, but I don't have any residence permit. What are the requirements as I was married and divorced previously?

by abbis on 25 Oct 2012 Read Answer

I'm a Brazilian woman, I met this Dutch guy in Rio and we had a fling during the weekend. I wasn't expecting anything other than just to have a nice time, because we saw each other for just 3 days, had lots of sex, but I was coming back to my city and he was going back to Holland. So I was very surprised when he kept sending me text everyday, with pics of places in Holland and so on. It's been 2 weeks and he is always texting me. Do Dutch men do this out of politiness or you think he is into me?

by Isabella on 04 Sep 2012 Read Answer

Dear Jean-Baptiste,

I have been dating a British man for over a month now and we met online. We both have a great time and I am thinking of ending it. I feel that he rarely initiate any contact in between dates although he is always the one planning for the next date an just simply call/text a day before to confirm. Although he is very caring and considerate otherwise, this contact issue makes me somewhat loose interest. Should I ask him or just leave him?

by Dewi on 07 Aug 2012 Read Answer

Dear Jean-Baptiste,
My friend met an Italian man 3 years ago. They were not free for a relationship at the time. A month ago they got back in touch and he invited in Italy for a weekend. According to her, the weekend went really well, good sex, good laughs. He cooke dfor her and took her to Venice as a surprise. She got back really happy. She has not heard from him yet, 3 weeks later. So the question is: how do you really see if a man fancies you?

by Marie on 28 Nov 2010 Read Answer


I have just started dating again, and I have been out on a couple of dates recently. However, I get very nervous and can never think of things to say, which then of course makes it worse! I then worry that they think I am very boring, and then of course I am frantically trying to think of something interesting to say.

I'm quite happy to listen to what they are saying but I know I need to be more confident. Can you help?


by Tricia on 24 Nov 2010 Read Answer

Dear Jean-Baptiste,

I'm a guy, 35, from Israel living in the Netherlands. Good looking (so I'm told..), highly educated and with a prestigious job.

The thing is, I've been living here for a few years, and have had zero dating success. Well written internet dating profiles get no responses. Been to several speed dating events and never received a match. My question: can you give some advice to foreign guys wanting to date local women? I know I'm not the only one with difficulties. Any advice?

by daverave on 23 Nov 2010 Read Answer

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