Workforce inclusion: maximizing business performance

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Is your top talent flying under the radar or soaring to its full potential?

The workforce taking shape today, while divergent in many ways, shares an undeniable and natural affinity for flexibility, fresh perspectives, individuality, mobility, and personal satisfaction. This means that the old "carrot and stick" approach so long associated with cultivating high performance no longer resonates with many of today's workers. Businesses may be learning the hard way that monetary rewards alone are not deemed valuable enough if they require people to give up the very thing many people work for - their families and personal enjoyment.

Changing demographic realities, rapid technological advances, and ever-evolving globalization dictate that it's time to get focused and serious about creating diverse and inclusive workplaces that drive performance and spark innovation. If your organization is finding new challenges in its efforts to find the right people with the right skills in the right places, engage them, and retain them, you're not alone. The talent picture has never been more complex.

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