Continuing your career in the Netherlands

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The Netherlands remains popular with expats and, whatever the reason for moving to the Netherlands, participating in Dutch business life will be a logical step. (Sponsored contribution.)

You could be coming to Holland because ‘the love of your life' lives here or because you just think the Netherlands is a good country to live in. Whatever the reason, you will probably like to participate in Dutch business life as well.
In the Netherlands there are opportunities for non-Dutch speakers within international corporations, especially with companies that are specifically seeking native speakers who can be an asset to their contact with foreign clients. As English is often the internal language within the company, it is especially beneficial and generally more highly valued than Dutch.


All kinds of vacancies, ranging from junior (administrative) level up to senior (executive) level are available, especially in fields like finance, customer service, commerce, or IT. Although the Netherlands is suffering from the worldwide crisis, specific skills are still needed, which means that experienced internationals with the right mentality remain in demand.


In Amsterdam, we see that international companies are now mainly looking for credit controllers, account managers, German and Japanese speaking staff as well as people with specific experience management positions. Due to the economic situation, the volume of "easily accessible" jobs for internationals has decreased, but the demand for specific languages and specific experience is still high. 


In the Netherlands there are many "uitzendbureaus" - otherwise known as recruitment agencies - which can help you to find the job you are looking for. Recruitment agencies in the Netherlands might differ from the ones in other countries (such as the UK) as they handle mostly permanent jobs, and do much more than "push CV's".  In the Netherlands, you can expect to get career advice from an experienced recruiter who can also help you navigate the Dutch system.


Companies in the Netherlands think it's very important that a new employee "fits" within the company culture. Work attitude, mentality and cultural background are almost as important as language and professional skills. That is why high-quality agencies will always conduct an extensive interview with you, to see if you would fit the company and if the company fits you!  


UNDUTCHABLES is such a high-quality agency for internationals. We were founded in 1996 with you in mind: the international wanting to continue their career in Holland. On our website you can find information about work permits, culture, preparing for an interview and how to write a good CV. Our recruiters can help and support you when searching for the perfect job so you can enjoy your business as well as your personal life during your time in the Netherlands.


We wish you a pleasant stay!

UNDUTCHABLES Recruitment Agency

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