Does International Employee Mobility support your business?

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Find out with PwC's International Employee Mobility diagnostic tool.

What it does 

The PwC International Employee Mobility Diagnostic Tool reveals to what extent the international mobility of your employees contributes to achieving your overall business objectives. 

The diagnostic tool refers to international mobility of employees in the broadest sense. It includes not only the traditional expat on a long-term assignment, the employee who is assigned for a shorter period to a specific international project but also the staff member on a business trip abroad.

Why you need it
International Employee Mobility is not a goal in itself, but a means to achieving your business objectives. For a number of reasons, knowing its effectiveness is becoming ever more important to stay on the competitive edge of the highly globalising market. 

The rapidly changing economic environment and continuing globalisation have caused a new reality to emerge, with a focus on cost awareness on one hand. On the other hand, businesses more and more require employees to "touch the ground running". Simultaneously, tax and immigration authorities worldwide are becoming increasingly sophisticated, sharing information more often and enforcing the rules more strictly. 
International employee mobility as we once knew it is no longer possible. More than ever, it should be clearly supporting the overall business objectives to warrant its continuance. The PwC International Employee Mobility Diagnostic Tool helps (re)aligning your international mobility strategy and policies with your companies business objectives. 

How it works 
The diagnostic tool assesses six key elements of your International Employee Mobility programme: strategy, policy formulation, function & organisation, governance & processes, programme costs & financial control and compliance assessment. These key elements have an impact on four success indicators which we defined - four factors that together largely determine whether your International Employee Mobility programme successfully contributes to the achievement of your business objectives: delivery in accordance to business needs, adaptability to change, management of reputational risks and control of costs. 
  1. Delivery in accordance to business needs
    An assessment of associated processes, systems and organisation in relation to business needs gives an indication to what extent International Employee Mobility is tailored to the specific business needs of your company.
  2. Adaptability to change
    A measurement of the ability and capacity of the International Employee Mobility processes, systems and organisation in responding to changing internal or external situations.
  3. Management of reputational risks
    Refers to the extent a risk strategy is laid down in your International Employee Mobility strategy and whether the identified risks are effectively managed and controlled in the execution of International Employee Mobility strategy and policies.
  4. Control of costs 
    Cost management and cost control includes monitoring of costs and profits of international assignments and balancing it in the overall cost management of the company.

How to use it 
The International Employee Mobility Diagnostic Tool takes you through a list of questions that takes about half an hour of your time to complete. This qualitative assessment positions your perceived current position in relation to your desired position based on the six key elements of International Employee Mobility and the four success indicators. Upon completing the questionnaire, your PwC contact discusses the results with you, supported by the graphical representations of the outcome enclosed in a report. Based on the outcomes of this discussion, you may want to consider and prioritise action steps, taking into consideration other best practicesto get closer to your desired position. 

Count on PwC 
PwC has extensive experience in optimising International Employee Mobility to increase added value for your company and support you in achieving your overall business objectives. To learn more about how your company may benefit from our International Employee Mobility diagnostic tool, please contact one of our professionals.

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