Africa Mobility Services (AMS) born in Luanda, Angola

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Three European companies with logistic and relocation background with offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and South Africa, have paved the way for international mobility in one of Africa's frontiers for global activity.

Africa Mobility Services (AMS) has set up shop in Angola's lucrative capital of Luanda.

Under the management of AMS Angola Country Manager, Paul Waller, there have been more than 40 shipments over the past few months, including deliveries by air and other shipments currently going through the process of arrivals, inspection and documentation.

Angola, a former Portuguese colony, is situated in the southwest part of Africa. In recent years, Angola has undergone a transformation from a war ravaged area to the fastest growing economy in Africa, and one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Thanks to rich opportunities in the oil and mineral business in Angola, GDP growth reports show 20 percent from 2005 to 2007, and the world's largest annual average GDP growth at 11 percent from 2001 to 2010.

Approximately one third of Angola's economic activities is concentrated in Luanda and the neighboring Bengo province, making the capital a hotspot for international pull and arousing curiosity among international businesses seeking investments with potential.

The business opportunity of  Africa Mobility Services expect to keep their active pace in full motion as requests and shipment orders continue to show a profitable choice in starting services in Angola.

Africa Mobility Services (AMS) is using the REDSKY system, the latest, state of the art, smart transport (packaging and moving of goods / mobility solutions) management solution that AMS and its corresponding clients access over the Web. The REDSKY application helps execute and manage all the AMS transport related records such as move processes and payroll details.

For more information (not for publication) please contact:

Name: Paul Waller
T : + 244 938027308
M : + 244 938 027308

Rua Major Kanhangulo No. 171, Luanda, Angola.
c/o Simone van Krugten-Boon (Africa Service Desk based in the Netherlands)

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