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31/08/2011 Getting around for an expat in the Netherlands

Sixt For an expat, getting around in The Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg without a car, means facing some major challenges. This is especially true for expats living outside the city centers and even more for them who live in small towns or at the beautiful country side.

25/08/2011 Remote training for expatriates

Jeff Toms of Farnham Castle discusses the advantages of remote training when relocating to a new country.

15/06/2011 Htel Serviced Apartments now provides relocation services

International relocation is exciting, but it's also disruptive, particularly to employees with families. Taking their services one step further, Htel Serviced Apartments is now offering relocation solutions to cater to all of their clients' relocation needs.

27/05/2011 Every game requires training and preparation

Relocating to an area in the vicinity of the Games over the next 18 months will need extra care and planning according to Pricoa Relocation.

22/02/2011 International assignments: Companies cut costs, take more structured approach

An Expatica award-winning survey by Mercer shows that companies are taking a more structured approach to international assignment management and are trimming costs by hiring expatriates locally.