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04/09/2012 Costa Rica - Tax administration, transfer tax for property transfers

New tax law in Costa Rica concerns tax practice and procedure

04/09/2012 Argentina - Income tax, VAT rate increases for imports

New income tax and VAT rates relating to certain imports in Argentina

04/09/2012 Panama - Tax incentives for multinational headquarters

Tax incentives for multinational headquarters located in Panama

04/09/2012 Panama - Tax incentives available for natural gas power plants

Tax incentives in Panama for natural gas power plants generating electricity

04/09/2012 Ghana - Overview of tax system

A KPMG guide providing an overview of the tax system in Ghana for investors

17/04/2014 CANADA: Four-Year Limits on Stay for Temporary Foreign Workers Become Effective in April 2015

From April 1, 2015, temporary foreign workers who have worked in Canada for four years and who do not fall within certain exempt categories will be...

17/04/2014 NIGERIA: April 30 Deadline for Residence Card Applications

Long-term foreign workers who have not already done so must apply for the Nigerian residence card by April 30 or face possible deportation. Nationals...

17/04/2014 AUSTRALIA: New Surcharge for All Immigration Fees Paid by Credit Card

Effective April 19, 2014, credit card payments for any Visa Application Charge or other immigration-related fee will incur a surcharge. The surcharge...

16/04/2014 ECUADOR: New Residence Permit Introduced for Select MERCOSUR Nationalities

A new two-year residence permit with shorter processing times and fewer document requirements will be available to eight MERCOSUR nationalities later...

16/04/2014 BRAZIL: World Cup will delay consular visa processing

IMPACT – LOW What is the change? The World Cup, which will take place in Brazil from June 12-July 13, will bring a crush of visa applications to...

20/12/2012 Amsterdam Mamas: Best Christmas markets

Amsterdam Mamas: Our favourite - Christmas markets Here is Amsterdam Mamas' list of their favourite Christmas markets in the Netherlands and Germany.

20/12/2012 Reduction in pension contributions in Germany

Reduction in pension contributions for German companies and workers From 2013 employers and employees will have to pay less into the German state pension, meaning an increase in monthly net income and a reduction in costs for companies.

10/04/2012 pwc--Work related cost scheme and the qualification of expatriate expenses

International Mobility News - Volume 7 from pwc concerns the tax treatment of various expatriate expenses.

30/01/2012 pwc--Pension bulletin: The impact of funding shortfalls in the Netherlands

Dutch pension funds pwc looks at tough choices for pension funds and examines the implications.

10/01/2012 New Dutch regulation on employee vacation entitlements

Dutch law on holiday entitlement changed as of 1 January 2012. Sanne van Ruitenbeek of Pallas Attorneys-at-law explains.

30/11/2011 Pension winds of change

Review of the pension disclosures of the Dutch AEX25 and AMX25 by PwC.

23/10/2012 Diverse Expatriate Populations - Alternative Remuneration Packages

The number of both home and host locations has expanded, and as a result, the global mobility landscape has changed and the expatriate population has become more diverse.

10/04/2012 pwc--Work related cost scheme and the qualification of expatriate expenses

International Mobility News - Volume 7 from pwc concerns the tax treatment of various expatriate expenses.

12/07/2011 UK cities becoming more expensive for expatriates

UK cities have climbed the rankings of the world's most expensive cities for expatriates to live in, according to research by HR consulting,...

12/07/2011 Only three European cities in the world's top 10 costliest cities ranking

Luanda in Angola is the world's most expensive city for expats for the second year running, according to Mercer's 2011 Cost of Living Survey.

06/02/2011 US: IRS Releases New Sec. 911-Related Housing Cost Limitations

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service IRS released an advance copy of Notice 2011-8,1 which provides adjustments to the limitation on housing expenses for...