WikiLeaks: Sarkozy 'chased pet rabbit round office'

1st December 2010, Comments 0 comments

The US ambassador to Paris, visiting Nicolas Sarkozy in 2006 before he became president of France, was treated to the sight of the then interior minister chasing a pet rabbit around his office.

A leaked US State Department memo, published Wednesday by the activist website WikiLeaks, said the Ambassador Craig Stapleton was visiting a relaxed Sarkozy already plotting his presidential run and currying US favour.

"Sarkozy went to the line of floor-to-ceiling windows that open from the interior minister's office to the gardens of the interior ministry, and called over his nine-year old son, Louis, who was playing on the lawn," it said.

"Sarkozy was clearly happy -- and proud -- to be in the company of his young son, and seemed tickled to be able to introduce him to 'the Ambassador of the United States'," the leaked cable continues.

"Louis appeared at the threshold with a small dog at his feet and a large rabbit in his arms. To shake hands with the Ambassador, Louis put down the rabbit -- and the dog started chasing the rabbit through Sarkozy's office, which led to the unforgettable sight of Sarkozy, bent over, chasing the dog through the ante-room to his office as the dog chased the rabbit, and Louis filled the room with gleeful laughter."

The WikiLeaks document was published on the website of Britain's Guardian newspaper, along with scores more in what is building up to be the one of the biggest dumps of leaked secret memos in history.

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