WWI mustard gas canister burns Frenchman

8th May 2009, Comments 2 comments

A French man was burned after he found a gas canister dating back to WW1.

CAMBRAI – A man received serious burns on the hands and on a leg after picking up a World War I gas canister he found in a field in northern France near the wartime frontline, officials said Thursday.

The canister had lain buried in the ground in the northern village of Villers-Plouich but apparently came to the surface during work being carried out in the field, which belonged to the victim, the local mayor said.

Eight people living nearby were evacuated and a security perimeter was set up while the fire brigade swept the area for any further canisters. None were found.

The victim was admitted for treatment at a hospital in the nearby city of Lille.

Mustard gas is a chemical weapon used towards the end of World War I. It causes internal and external bleeding and blisters, attacks the eyes and lungs and can lead to a slow and painful death.

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  • Kathleen posted:

    on 17th June 2011, 20:29:25 - Reply

    I'm sorry, the answer to my question was in the first line. I don't know how I missed it. I'm so embarrassed.
  • Kathleen posted:

    on 17th June 2011, 20:25:13 - Reply

    So, what happened to the man? Did the Mustard gas kill him or did he just end up with slight injuries, or what? Why leave us dangling?