US, Britain, France 'in conspiracy to divide Libya': FM

7th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

The United States, Britain and France are partners in "a conspiracy to divide Libya" by contacting opposition leaders in the east of the country, Libyan Foreign Minister Mussa Kussa said on Monday.

"It is clear that France, Great Britain and the US are now getting in touch with defectors in eastern Libya. It means there is a conspiracy to divide Libya," Kussa told reporters in Tripoli.

"The target is the division of Libya. There is no doubt about it. Otherwise why would the US, Great Britain and France contact the secessionists? Colonialism has returned again. It's clear."

Kussa said: "Territorial integrity is sacrosanct. We will die for it. These things threaten the sovereignty, the integrity and the stability of Libya."

The Libyan minister also attacked US President Barack Obama over his warning earlier Monday that Kadhafi loyalists would be "held accountable" for "whatever violence that will continue to take place."

"We were very happy that there was an Afro-American US president. We felt he was a democratic man, but unfortunately he is infantile. He said all the people around Kadhafi should be punished. Under what law? Under what provision?"

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