UN action in I Coast 'assassination bid': Gbagbo advisor

4th April 2011, Comments 0 comments

Strikes by UN and French troops on targets linked to Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo Monday were "illegal" and amounted to an "assassination attempt", an advisor to Gbagbo said in Paris.

"I condemn these illegal acts. They are war crimes. The end result of this action is the assassination of President Gbagbo," his advisor in Europe Toussaint Alain, based in Paris, told AFP.

"The international coalition led by France and the United States under the auspices of the UN is plunging this country in chaos," he said.

Alain also accused Ivory Coast's former colonial power, France, of having "equipped, provided intelligence to, and armed the rebellion of Alassane Ouattara".

Ouattara is recognised by the international community as having won November 28 elections but Gbagbo has refused to step aside.

"They launched this attack because they understand that the rebellion on its own does not have the capacity to defeat the army of Ivory Coast," said Alain, deploring the attacks.

"The military camps of Agban and Akouedo that were targeted also shelter the families of soldiers. As we speak, one can say that the coalition, France, is causing blood to flow."

Helicopters of the UN mission in the Ivory Coast and of the French Licorne force, under the UN banner, fired in Abidjan Monday on the palace and residence of Laurent Gbagbo as well as two army camps.

These attacks happened as forces loyal to Ouattara launched a new push to unseat his rival.

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