Thirty-three Haitian children head to new French families

22nd January 2010, Comments 0 comments

The children, aged between one and six years old, will arrive in Paris on Friday evening to meet their adoptive parents.

Port- Au-Prince – A group of 33 Haitian children who have been adopted by French families left a school where they had sought shelter and headed to the Port-au-Prince's airport Thursday.

Aged between one and six years old, they boarded a bus for the airport, each with their hands set on the shoulders of the child in front of them, singing "the little train".

French consul Jean-Pierre Gueguan told AFP the children would arrive in Paris on Friday evening to meet their adoptive parents.

All but one of them were good health, each child had a Haitian passport with the family name of their adoptive family but also their birth family's surname.

"It's very important that a child knows where he came from," one nurse said.

Some of the children were orphans, others were abandoned, but all were looking forward to a brighter future.

Several of the children had been living in a nursery that was severely damaged in last week's devastating earthquake, but "not a single child was injured and not a single adoption file was lost," Gueguan said.

According to the French embassy in Port-au-Prince, 740 Haitian children were adopted by French families in 2008, and around 600 were adopted in 2009.

In the days since the 12 January quake, families around the world in the process of adopting Haitian children have pressured their governments to speed up the adoption process.

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