Skipper under investigation for sunken Paris boat

17th September 2008, Comments 1 comment

The skipper of a Paris tourist boat connected to the sinking of a smaller craft that killed two people is being put under investigation.

17 September 2008

PARIS -- The skipper of a Paris tourist boat was put under investigation Tuesday in connection with the sinking of a smaller craft in the Seine River that killed two people, a judicial official said.

The 40-year-old skipper of one of the city's famous Bateaux-Mouche is also being investigated for illicit drug consumption, after having admitted to smoking hashish on the eve of the accident Saturday night that killed a man and a small boy.

He has been banned from exercising his profession as the investigation unrolls.

His co-pilot is being considered an assisted witness - in between simple witness and being investigated in the case.

Investigators say the skipper's boat struck the smaller pleasure craft carrying 12 people from behind, causing it to sink rapidly.

Ten of those on board were plucked from the water immediately after the sinking. Two, a 45-year-old man and a six-year-old boy, were trapped in the craft and died within hours after they were rescued.

None of the passengers aboard the larger boat was injured.

The skipper's hashish consumption is not being considered an aggravating circumstance in the sinking, the official said, since it could not be established that it affected his behaviour.

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  • Christine posted:

    on 18th September 2008, 13:59:24 - Reply

    In the past I noticed that these tour boats really seem to be going at a rapid speed, particularly at night. In this area of the Seine there is a contrast of bright lights and darkness on the river's banks. If the operator of the boat was speeding and not paying full attention to these visibility issues, then this accident was surely preventable. Not affected by hashish? In my college days I tried it and hash made me dreamy and dopey. I wouldn't pilot a boat filled with people if I smoked some.