Sarkozy's ex-wife to remarry this weekend

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Ex-wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy is to remarry in New York this weekend to events organizer Richard Attias.

   NEW YORK, March 21, 2008 - The ex-wife of French President Nicolas
Sarkozy is to remarry in New York this weekend, according to a report Thursday
on a US website for French expatriates living in the city.
   Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz was to tie the knot on Sunday with events organizer
Richard Attias, for whom she briefly left Sarkozy in 2005, followed by a
reception for 150 guests at Manhattan's Rockefeller Center, it said.
   A reporter for the website said the information came from a source close to
the couple who did not want to be named. Precise details of the actual
ceremony, however, were not immediately known.
   According to French Morning, the couple were to hold a party on Friday at
Attias's home in Greenwich, Connecticut, one of the toniest towns in the
United States, and to take in a Broadway show with a group of friends on
   French weekly Paris-Match linked the couple in 2005 with a photo of them
together in New York, while the US press recently showed the couple at the
city's Plaza Hotel, where they were reported to be looking at an apartment.
   Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Sarkozy's ex-wife, 50, was to
marry Moroccan-born Attias, 48, and Italian fashion house Versace said earlier
this month it would be dressing the couple for the occasion.
   Ciganer-Albeniz and Sarkozy announced their divorce on October 18, ending a
stormy 11-year marriage. The couple had one son, Louis, together.
   Sarkozy, 53, married Carla Bruni, the Italian-born former supermodel turned
singer-songwriter, in February, less than four months after his divorce.


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