Saint Laurent broke black boundaries, says model Naomi

3rd June 2008, Comments 0 comments

In a tearful tribute to the French fashion legend, British supermodel Naomi Campbell says he has done so much for people of colour.

3 June 2008

LONDON - British supermodel Naomi Campbell paid a tearful tribute to French fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent on Monday for his role in promoting black models.

Campbell told Britain's Channel 4 News that Saint Laurent, who died on Sunday of a brain tumour at his Paris home, had "done so much for people of colour".

"My first Vogue cover ever was because of this man," the 37-year-old told the broadcaster, referring to the fashion magazine.

"Because when I said to him 'Yves, they won't give me a French Vogue cover, they won't put a black girl on the cover' and he was like 'I'll take care of that,' and he did."

Known as the "prince of fashion" in the world's designer capital, Saint Laurent dominated the international couture scene from the swinging 1960s until his retirement in 2002, revolutionising women's wardrobes with a new androgynous style that mirrored women's push for a stronger social role.

"He was the king of fashion," Campbell said.

"He created pret-a-porter, he was the first designer to put women of colour on the runway, he was extremely important in my career, giving me one of my first jobs."

She continued: "He has done everything, he's done it, if you go to the museum you will see he has done it all. He has done so much for people of colour."

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