President-elect cries at son's murder trial

29th May 2009, Comments 0 comments

El Salvador's President-elect Mauricio Funes wept at his son's murder trial saying he sent his son to France cause he believed he would be safe here.

Paris – El Salvador's President-elect Mauricio Funes wept Thursday as he told a court trying the alleged killers of his son how he believed his son would be safe in France.

"Never would I have thought that he would be beaten to death in this country. We thought in France he would be safe," he said, noting that his son came here to get away from the violence and rampant crime of his country.

Alejandro Funes, a 27-year-old photography student, died eight days after being hit on the head with a metal tool during a fight on a bridge in central Paris in October 2007.

Two men, aged 32 and 33, are being tried over his death. The first is charged with murder, the second with armed violence.

The leftist Mauricio Funes faces tall challenges when he takes office 1 June, including the impact of the global economic crisis on his country, widespread poverty and one of the world's worst murder rates.

AFP / Expatica

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