French youth dies fleeing police on motorbike

10th August 2009, Comments 0 comments

An 18 year old man died on Sunday after crashing his motorbike into a concrete barrier in a Parisian suburb while trying to flee police, investigators said.

The man refused a request by a police car to pull over and began to flee, only to lose control of his motorbike at a nearby corner, said an investigator, adding "there was no contact between the motorbike and police car".

Youths in the town of Bobigny quickly began to gather to show their anger, brandishing metal bars in front of police, destroying a bus shelter and setting fire to rubbish bins, according to an AFP journalist at the scene.

Riot police were dispatched to reinforce officers investigating the incident, but there were no immediate clashes.

The accidental deaths in 2005 of two Paris region youths while trying to evade police sparked more than two weeks of rioting which spread across the country.


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