France gets first Ramadan diet book

14th September 2007, Comments 0 comments

French Muslim women wishing to keep in shape during this year's Ramadan can turn for advice to the country's first ever Ramadan diet book.

14 September 2007

PARIS (AFP) - "If people are not careful, the Ramadan fast can trigger all kinds of health and weight problems," writes Alain Delabos in "Chrononutrition Ramadan".

"If you wolf down highly nutritional food just before going to bed, you are going to get fat. Because when you are resting, your body is storing it up," he says.

One of five obligations for observant Muslims, Ramadan requires dawn-to-dusk abstinence from food and drink, but it is often followed by overnight indulgence.

"There are some women who are so afraid of putting on weight that they refuse to fast," says Delabos.

He recommends a sizeable meal before the start of the fast, including meat, starch and cheese. The end of the fast should be accompanied by a sugary snack, and the evening meal should be built around a light fish dish. The book includes some 130 recipes.

"Muslims girls are just like every other girl in France. They are obsessed by their weight," Vanessa -- a presenter on Beur FM radio, a station aimed at Arab immigrants in France -- told Le Parisien newspaper.


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