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We host our second annual Welcome to France Fair this weekend. Here's a preview of what to expect and how we can help you get settled in your new home: France.


Newly arrived? Feeling a bit confused and frazzled? Or are you a long-term resident of France who would just like to spend a fun afternoon learning more about France and socializing with fellow English speakers?

Here at Expatica, we not only work for expats, we are expats. And that's why we're the right people to both help you get settled and enjoy all the wonderful, enriching new experiences that France has to offer you.

But we're also here to help you avoid some of the frustration of being new to a country where the rules, regulations and, of course, the language differences can at first seem overwhelming.

Bigger and better than last year

Come Sunday, this room will be filled by more than 70 exhibitors

It was one year ago that Expatica France kicked off its first Welcome to France Fair last year in this same location of the Carousel du Louvre and demand was even greater than we hoped for; this weekend, we plan to top last year's Fair with an event that brings even more English-language services to both new and veteran expats.

We're already expecting more than 3,000 of you. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, it's not too late to join us on Sunday, October 15, 11am-6pm.

For a mere EUR 10, you can spend the entire day visiting 79 exhibitors who offer services directly to our community, from relocation companies to currency exchange firms, from cultural trainers to fitness trainers, from language schools to management schools plus all the major expat non-profit organizations in Paris.

Last year's attendees getting educated in wine appreciation

Click here for all the details! (Tickets are also on-sale at the door.)

Plus, we've organized a jam-packed roster of France experts who will bring you tips on living happily ever after in l'Hexagone, from a French chef and cooking teacher to an estate planning advisor to several property experts who can teach you the best way to find and even decorate your dream Parisian apartment. (Plus our own Clair Whitmer, editor of Expatica France!)

The number one pitfall of the expat experience is feeling alone. But you're not. The Welcome Fair is designed to help answer your questions and connect you to the full network of services and fascinating people that is the expat community of France. 

A complete list of Sunday's presentations:

(see the Welcome Fair site for scheduling details)

Surviving with the French
Jane Grey of Toastmasters

Live Parisian: How to find, buy and profit from your dream apartment in Paris
Miranda Bothe of Paris Property Finders

Wine tasting: Tour de France of Wine
Olivier Magny of O Chateau

Making the most of Paris
Thirza Vallois (Author)

Hands-on French cooking
Maguerite Foucher of Marguerite's Elegant Home Cooking

Reaching your Full Potential in Paris
Florence Beretta of Global'Ease

Tips and basic French cooking techniques
Chef François Bouvet of Le Cordon Bleu

Wine Tasting: French Wines vs New World Wines
Olivier Magny of O Chateau

Discovering France by Region - Bretagne
Nathalie Noury of Maison de Bretagne

Understanding France's immigration system
Fiona Mougenot

The tax man cometh
Sam Okoshken of WICE

Surviving and thriving as a family in Paris
Kim Dancey of Message Mother Support

Panel Discussion: Staying healthy in Paris
Roberta Ain (psychotherapist/art therapist), Gunita Jolly (general practitioner) and Fiona Scott (psychologist) of Health Network International

Renovating and decorating your Paris flat: avoiding the pitfalls and optimizing your property investment
Miranda Bothe of Paris Property Finders

Adaptation, learning and communication - what you were not taught in school
Edward Hines of NLP School Europe

Minimizing inheritance tax and financing your dream home in France
John Howell of The International Law Partnership and Adrian Leeds of French Property Insider

Expat Survival Guide, The bootleg version
Clair Whitmer, editor of the Expatica France website

Your piece of France with peace of mind?
Ian McDonald, Head of International Clients, of Barclays

How to set up your own business in France
Samina Arnoult of Global Financial Services


October 2006

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