Europe court to hear Jehovah Witness tax case against France

29th September 2010, Comments 51 comments

The European Court of Human Rights said Wednesday it had agreed to consider a case brought by the Jehovah Witness Christian sect against the French government over taxation of donations.

In its request, the group alleged an infringement of the right to religious freedom saying the French government had tried to curtail its activities by demanding in May 1998 taxes on donations from its followers.

The sect said the move was an attempt to end the autonomy of religious communities.

French authorities say the donations were not raised from a religious source and so were subject to the same rules as other donations.

The 1998 demand was for 45 million euros (61 million dollars) at the time, but this amount had since reached 57.5 million euros, according to France.

It involves donations from 250,000 people over four years, an average amount of four euros per person a month between 1993 and 1996.

The court, based in the French city of Strasbourg, however rejected a case of religious discrimination against the Jehovah's Witnesses.

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  • Cristy posted:

    on 30th July 2012, 08:25:32 - Reply

    Sure goes to show that jehovah is on the witnesses side :D

  • Hoeras posted:

    on 3rd September 2011, 06:10:18 - Reply

    There was no way any chance that 'France' was going to win this case.

    Retroactive and retrospective laws are considered so disdainful by other European countries, it just shows the animosity of the current French authorities and bloody-mindedness.

    But think aboutthis for a second, WHY THIS COULD NEVER GET UP:

    Those contributions of average 4 Euros per month WERE MADE BY TAX PAYERS.

    It's so obvious realy. Jehovah's Witnesses work, have businesses, are employees, employers, trade men and labourers, beauticians and bitchers...


    So when they make a contribution, it is from the REMAINDER AFTER PAYING TAX.

    And since the Witnesses pay TAXES, then they are no less entitled to Goverment services that anybody else, BECAUSE THE PAY THE SAME TAX.

    The European Court is not stupid. They KNOW that if the 'French' case gets up, IT WOULD CAUSE INSTABILITY ACROSS MANY SECTORS.

    So before you let your hate for JWs poison your thinking... YOU ARE PLAYING INTO OUR HANDS.

    Ex: Witness knocks on door, householder answers door: "You are Jehovah's Witnesses?" "Yes." "Normally don't talk to you people much, but I've been reading the news... "


    Even Herr Hittler, Comrade Stalin and every tin-pot ruler and despot who has gone after Jehovah's Witnesses HAVE LOST!
  • Henry posted:

    on 30th June 2011, 23:26:15 - Reply

    Its 30/6/11.Jehovah's Witnesses just won this huge court case at the European Court of Human rights.Great Stuff!!!! Regardless what of all these negative people say,this is brilliant.
  • Mark posted:

    on 24th February 2011, 15:55:19 - Reply

    Families are encouraged to be careful with finances in these difficult times,
    to pay their accounts on time to prevent further charges due to non payment at a due date. If it is seen that organizations have not been prudent.

    Then families will reconsider their wills and be careful to look after their families.
  • Mark posted:

    on 23rd February 2011, 06:24:54 - Reply

    The news release detailing the initial tax being 45 million euros. Then with fines for non payment of 12000000 euros, the debt in tax is 57000000 euros. Or 79,000,000 USD.

    If Jesus words had been heeded and the initial tax of 45000000 euros had been paid subject to appeal to the ECHR for consideration. The 12000000 euros or 16,400,000 USD in non payment fines could have been saved from this dispute.

    The fact that this tax has accrued these fines or interest charges makes many wonder who is going to pay this debt. And why allow these extra charges to accrue?

  • Mark posted:

    on 22nd February 2011, 12:27:32 - Reply

    When Jesus asked who's inscription was on the coin. The reply was "Caesar's". Jesus then said give Back Caesar's things to Caesar and GOD's things to GOD.
    Arguing over tax exemption was not in Jesus comments. He simply instructed to give back Caesar's things to Caesar. It takes faith to do this
    knowing GOD will provide the needed things for each day as each day
    has it's own problems. The Lord's prayer is something to reread.

    When all is considered those who have tax exemption have those who pay tax, paying your way, roads to drive on etc,etc,etc,..........etc.

    It is a bit cheeky to demand tax exemption when Jesus instructs. He who
    calls for the tax, the tax. Give it back and be more concerned with giving GOD's things to GOD.
  • cash posted:

    on 14th November 2010, 15:35:06 - Reply

    What some jws are coming to realize...and taking very seriously:
  • St Bastahd posted:

    on 21st October 2010, 03:41:16 - Reply

    So why is it that the witnesses won't simply pay back Caesar's things to Caesar? If they claim to follow the bible better than anybody else, why are they insisting on the right to not follow it?
  • Fred Hall posted:

    on 18th October 2010, 21:06:43 - Reply

    Keep dreaming Portia!! France has problems within

    They need to take their own people first instead worry about taxing others and use retarted laws to justified their needs.
  • Fred Hall posted:

    on 18th October 2010, 21:06:39 - Reply

    Keep dreaming Portia!! France has problems within

    They need to take their own people first instead worry about taxing others and use retarted laws to justified their needs.
  • Portia posted:

    on 13th October 2010, 13:37:21 - Reply

    Maybe France has their own law similar to this one to use against the Watchtower
    RICO :Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act
  • Fred Hall posted:

    on 10th October 2010, 19:52:30 - Reply


    Here is copy from European Court:

    Court Declares Article 9 Issue in French Jehovah's Witness Tax Case Admissible September 2010 - Strasbourg

    The European Court of Human Rights has issued a second admissibility decision in the case Association Les Témoins de Jéhovah (Association of Jehovah's Witnesses) v. France. The Association alleges that a 1995 French parliamentary report classifying it as a sect resulted in discrimination against the organization, in particular resulting a tax audit. When the Association declined to declare donations for the requested years, asking instead for tax exemption granted liturgical associations, an automatic taxation procedure was begun against the Association. After failing to prevail in the French courts, the Association brought the matter before the ECtHR in Feburary 2005, alleging violation of numerous ECHR provisions. On 17 June 2008 the Court declared all complaints inadmissible except those alleging that the tax proceedings against the Association infringed Articles 9 and 14. On 21 September 2010 the Court declared the Article 14 religious discrimination complaint inadmissible, as domestic remedies have not been exhausted. The Court considered, however, that the Article 9 complaint of infringement of the right to freedom of religion "raised complex issues of fact and law which could not be resolved at this stage ... but required examination on the merits." The Court thus declared this part of the complaint admissible and will deliver its judgment on the merits at at later date. As reported in the Court's press release, the European Association of Jehovah's Christian Witnesses emphasized "the impact which the present case could have in other European countries."
  • Portia posted:

    on 8th October 2010, 13:24:04 - Reply

    A cut and paste article from the Watchtower's website - a junk website if there ever was one. I have personally caught them misquoting sources in their Awake and Watchtower magazines.
  • Fred Hall posted:

    on 7th October 2010, 21:13:18 - Reply


    This is the most ridiculous comments that you have posted. Now lets don't side trat the topic of conversation by posting junk webstes.

    Immediate Release
    October 6, 2010

    ECHR to examine attempt by France to tax Christian faith
    $79 million tax demand on Jehovah’s Witnesses threatens freedom of religion
    STRASBOURG—On September 21, 2010, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled unanimously that the complaint filed by Jehovah’s Witnesses in France is admissible regarding alleged interference with their freedom of religion.

    The government of France had imposed a retroactive 60-percent tax on all religious offerings donated to Association Les Témoins de Jéhovah (also referred to as the Christian Association of Jehovah’s Witnesses of France) over a period of four years from 1993 to 1996. The government initially demanded a total payment of about 45 million euros. The amount demanded is now more than 57 million euros (more than $79,000,000 USD), which far exceeds the assets of the association.

    The ECHR took note of the fact that throughout the court proceedings within France, Jehovah’s Witnesses had consistently maintained that the contested tax was a direct attack on their religious freedom. In fact, it had been imposed on them within the context of the France government’s ‘fight’ against so-called ‘sects.’ Jehovah’s Witnesses contend that since the retroactive 60-percent tax applied to all donations received over a period of four years such a tax was impossible to pay since the donations had already been used for the ongoing operating expenses of the association. Thus, as argued by Jehovah’s Witnesses, the 60-percent retroactive tax was simply a fiscal weapon used with the purpose of closing down the headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in France simply because they appeared on the government’s “black list.”

    The Court must now proceed to examine the merits of the case to determine whether or not the taxation scheme of the French government interfered with the religious freedom of Jehovah’s Witnesses in France.

    A copy of the Court’s press release on the September 21, 2010, admissibility decision can be found on its web site at

  • Portia posted:

    on 7th October 2010, 17:18:46 - Reply

    Let's have a contest and see how many logical fallacies a JW will employ.
    So far there have been the ad hominem, straw man , and red herring fallacies.
  • Active JW posted:

    on 7th October 2010, 11:47:56 - Reply

    Troll Steven Klemetti actually counts his field service time posting his sock puppetry embarassing spam.

    As a real Jehovah's Witness I am ashamed of Steve Klemetti.
  • Portia posted:

    on 7th October 2010, 01:57:35 - Reply

    That has to rank as one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever read. It just shows the extreme level at which a JW will go to in order to deflect , redirect and misrepresent the topic of conversation. All in an attempt to get someone's attention off of the Watchtower cult.
  • Fred Hall posted:

    on 5th October 2010, 20:54:14 - Reply


    It doesn't matter what branche they close or not, the end is coming anyway. Also, the main reason why France want more money so they can kick out more Romas and next the Jews.
  • Portia posted:

    on 5th October 2010, 00:24:32 - Reply

    Ha Ha - looks like the Watchtower is wasting no time - they are closing the Bethel branches in Martinique, Guadeloupe ,and French Guiana. Of course, the gullible members will think the end is near.
  • Portia posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 23:06:07 - Reply

    If you want France to pay for all of those services then the Watchtower should be happy to pay all of those taxes to the government of France.
  • Portia posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 23:05:58 - Reply

    If you want France to pay for all of those services then the Watchtower should be happy to pay all of those taxes to the government of France.
  • Fred Hall posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 20:21:05 - Reply

    I think the Government of France should do the same thing and that is:

    1. Full medical coverage including payment for bloodless surgeries
    2. Provide long term care in nursing facilities
    3 Have a food bank to feed its poor members

    Also, there are Jehovah Witnesses don't execpt Christmas gifts, etc. And at least they know it's PAGAN holiday too.

  • Portia posted:

    on 3rd October 2010, 20:06:53 - Reply

    Why do you care what other people do or don't do. If you proclaim that the world system is Satanic then you shouldn't take any assistance from that system. You wouldn't accept a Christmas gift or a birthday gift then why should you take government assistance. The Watchtower should provide an alternative for its POOR members

    1. Full medical coverage including payment for bloodless surgeries
    2. Provide long term care in nursing facilities
    3 Have a food bank to feed its poor members

    BUT the Watchtower WILL NEVER do that because it cuts into their profits.
  • fred hall posted:

    on 3rd October 2010, 19:38:37 - Reply

    Now you want to dictate who get bloodless surjery or not. Many none JW's get bloodless surgeries.
  • Portia posted:

    on 3rd October 2010, 15:42:04 - Reply

    It is irrelevant whether or not you pay taxes because
    the taxes you pay in don't cover the benefits being paid to your members so your members are being subsidized by a government which you believe is controlled by Satan. It doesn't matter what I believe. The point is what you believe. Watchtower wants as much money funneled into their organization. The more they can offload this burden onto the government the better their financial position. For all the bragging the JWs and the Watchtower make about being closer to the first century Christians , they conveniently ignore the fact that first century Christians provided for their members' needs and did not look to the government for that provision. Don't tell me that JWs provide those needs. Every JW I have encountered has used public assistance to get free surgeries and some even have the nerve to ask for government aid for bloodless surgeries.

  • Fred Hall posted:

    on 3rd October 2010, 14:27:42 - Reply


    You dodging the issue that Satan rules the world. Have you ever thought that the government assistance money comes from you and me? It comes from tax payers money.


    Don't tell me that you wasn't protestesting in the streets in France yesterday? France will do anything to get money.

    JW Girl

    It is none of your business what the WT do with their prperty. Mine your business and take care of your property. And feed your dog too.

  • JW Girl posted:

    on 3rd October 2010, 08:32:31 - Reply

    Jehovah's Witnesses are not in the business of preaching the, "good news". They are in the Real Estate business. Over the years, they have built up hundreds of millions of dollars of property in Brooklyn, NY (with 100% volunteer labor) and now they are selling it off.

    They have been preaching the wicked world will end "soon" for over 100 years. Wouldn't "soon" actually be within a persons lifetime? I suppose the real problem that comes with being an "End-of-the world-cult" is when the end of the world never actually happens!

    The JW leaders would insist on making their members refuse a life-saving medical procedure they say is prohibited in the Bible.

    They are not allowed to say the Pledge Of Allegiance, or stand when the National Anthem is played. The leaders do not allow them to vote or even join the military. As a JW you are not even allowed to attend a birthday party. Can you say c-u-l-t?
  • Fortean posted:

    on 3rd October 2010, 07:59:25 - Reply

    The Watchtower is not a religion, it is a mind-control cult. They micromanage every possible aspect of member's lives - from what they say, think, dress, and even what they can and cannot do in the privacy of their bedrooms.

    Such cults should be taxed in every nation as a regular business. The Watchtower is a real estate holding company and a publishing empire hiding behind the ruse of a valid religion.
  • Portia posted:

    on 2nd October 2010, 18:26:24 - Reply

    You never addressed the issue of hypocrisy within the Watchtower organization. Since you believe and the Watchtower teaches that the government is ruled by Satan then any JW in good conscience should not take ANY government assistance. I am calling out the organization and its members to live consistently within its worldview.
  • Fred Hall posted:

    on 2nd October 2010, 14:53:15 - Reply


    Goverment is controll by Satan.

    Many people would answer the above question with a single word—God. But significantly, nowhere does the Bible say that either Jesus Christ or his Father are the real rulers of this world. On the contrary, Jesus said: "The ruler of this world will be cast out." And he added: "The ruler of the world is coming. And he has no hold on me."—John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11.

    So the ruler of this world is in opposition to Jesus. Who could this be?

    A Clue From World Conditions
    Despite the efforts of well-meaning humans, the world has suffered terribly throughout history. This causes thinking persons to wonder, as did the late editorial writer David Lawrence: "'Peace on earth'—nearly everybody wants it. 'Good will toward men'—almost all the peoples of the world feel it toward one another. Then what's wrong? Why is war threatened despite the innate desires of peoples?"

    It seems a paradox, doesn't it? When the natural desire of people is to live at peace, they commonly hate and kill one another—and with such viciousness. Consider the cold-blooded excesses in monstrous cruelty. Humans have used gas chambers, concentration camps, flamethrowers, napalm bombs, and other heinous methods to torture and slaughter one another mercilessly.

    Do you believe that humans, who long for peace and happiness, are capable, in themselves, of such gross wickedness against others? What forces drive men to such loathsome deeds or maneuver them into situations where they feel compelled to commit atrocities? Have you ever wondered whether some wicked, invisible power is influencing people to commit such acts of violence?

    The Rulers of the World Identified
    There is no need to guess at the matter, for the Bible clearly shows that an intelligent, unseen person has been controlling both men and nations. It says: "The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." And the Bible identifies him, saying: "The one called Devil and Satan . . . is misleading the entire inhabited earth."—1 John 5:19; Revelation 12:9.

    On an occasion when Jesus was "tempted by the Devil," Jesus did not question Satan's role as the ruler of this world. The Bible explains what happened: "The Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, and he said to him: 'All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me.' Then Jesus said to him: 'Go away, Satan!'"—Matthew 4:1, 8-10.

    Think about this. Satan tempted Jesus by offering him "all the kingdoms of the world." Yet, would Satan's offer have been a real temptation if Satan was not actually the ruler of these kingdoms? No, it would not. And note, Jesus did not deny that all these worldly governments were Satan's, which he would have done if Satan did not have power over them. So, then, Satan the Devil really is the unseen ruler of the world! The Bible, in fact, calls him "the god of this system of things." (2 Corinthians 4:4) Yet, how did such a wicked person ever come into this powerful position?

    Could Satan
    have offered
    Jesus all
    these world
    governments if
    they were not his?

    The one who became Satan had been an angel created by God, but he became envious of God's position. He challenged God's rightful rulership. To this end he used a serpent as a mouthpiece to deceive the first woman, Eve, and was thus able to get her and her husband, Adam, to do his bidding rather than obey God. (Genesis 3:1-6; 2 Corinthians 11:3) He also claimed he could turn all of Adam and Eve's yet unborn offspring away from God. So God allowed time for Satan to try to prove his claim, but Satan has not succeeded.—Job 1:6-12; 2:1-10.

    Significantly, Satan is not alone in his rulership of the world. He was successful in persuading some of the other angels to join him in rebellion against God. These became demons, his spirit accomplices. The Bible speaks of them when it urges Christians: "Stand firm against the machinations of the Devil; because we have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but . . . against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places."—Ephesians 6:11, 12.

    Resist Wicked Spirits
    These unseen, wicked world rulers are determined to mislead all mankind, turning them away from the worship of God. One way wicked spirits do this is by promoting the idea of survival after death, even though God's Word clearly shows that the dead are not conscious. (Genesis 2:17; 3:19; Ezekiel 18:4; Psalm 146:3, 4; Ecclesiastes 9:5, 10) Thus, a wicked spirit, imitating the voice of one who has died, may talk with that one's living relatives or friends, either through a spirit medium or by a "voice" from the invisible realm. The "voice" pretends to be the departed one, yet it is actually a demon!

    So if you ever hear such a "voice," do not be deceived. Reject whatever it says, and echo Jesus' words: "Go away, Satan!" (Matthew 4:10; James 4:7) Do not allow curiosity about the spirit realm to cause you to become involved with wicked spirits. Such involvement is called spiritism, and God warns his worshipers against it in all its forms. The Bible condemns "anyone who employs divination . . . or anyone who consults a spirit medium or a professional foreteller of events or anyone who inquires of the dead."—Deuteronomy 18:10-12; Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 21:8.

    Since spiritism brings a person under the influence of the demons, resist all its practices regardless of how much fun, or how exciting, they may seem to be. These practices include crystal-ball gazing, use of Ouija boards, ESP, examining the lines of one's hand (palmistry), and astrology. Demons have also caused noises and other physical phenomena in houses that they make their territory.

    In addition, wicked spirits capitalize on the sinful bent of humans by promoting literature, movies, and television programs that feature immoral and unnatural sexual behavior. The demons know that wrong thoughts if not expelled from the mind will cause indelible impressions and lead humans to behave immorally—like the demons themselves.—Genesis 6:1, 2; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8; Jude 6.

    True, many may scoff at the idea that this world is ruled by wicked spirits. But their disbelief is not surprising, since the Bible says: "Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light." (2 Corinthians 11:14) His most clever deception has been in blinding many to the fact that he and his demons really exist. But do not be deceived! The Devil and his demons are real, and you need to resist them continually.—1 Peter 5:8, 9.

    Happily, the time is now near when Satan and his cohorts will be no more! "The world [including its demon rulers] is passing away," the Bible assures, "but he that does the will of God remains forever." (1 John 2:17) What a relief it will be to have that evil influence removed! May we, therefore, be among those who do God's will and enjoy life forever in God's righteous new world.—Psalm 37:9-11, 29; 2 Peter 3:13; Revelation 21:3, 4.

  • Truth in advertising posted:

    on 2nd October 2010, 09:42:10 - Reply

    Jehovah's Witnesses are NOT the ""most peaceful people on the planet""
    Pure cult propaganda
  • Portia posted:

    on 2nd October 2010, 00:19:40 - Reply

    People can find out how loving the Watchtower is - just research the Mexico and Malawi controversy
  • Scott posted:

    on 1st October 2010, 22:09:06 - Reply

    Its amazing how the apostates and haters travel together to promote their propaganda! I won't waste my time even acknowledging their statements. They are mearly speaking for their father! The fact is, its wonderful to see that Bible prohecy continues to be fullfilled. Sometimes the governments attack us, sometimes they come to our aide. Either way, this Good News of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth. My only hope for those reading the article and/or following this blog, is that they will see through the hate, ignore it and maybe even be sparked to find out why Jehovah's people are so hated, being that they are the most peaceable people on the planet. I am from the US and I love my french brothers
  • Portia posted:

    on 1st October 2010, 21:59:38 - Reply

    Fred ,

    Of course , not - I am not saying that - I don't make the claim that the government is ruled by Satan - the Watchtower makes that claim and then turns around and advises their members to look to that very system FIRST for assistance. The Watchtower prohibits its members from celebrating holidays because THEY believe the holidays are pagan then the Watchtower should be consistent and prohibit members from taking government assistance as well since they believe it is a system ruled by Satan.
  • Fred Hall posted:

    on 1st October 2010, 20:51:11 - Reply


    You trying to say that the Catholics worship Satan becuase they using this Satanic world for government assistance programs?
  • Portia posted:

    on 1st October 2010, 16:26:26 - Reply

    The Watchtower advises using government assistant programs for poor JWs. - the system they call Satanic but they sure advocate using it so their members are not a financial drag on the Watchtower. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

    As far as preaching, it is a lie to say that JWs are the only ones who preach. Catholics as well as Protestants take their message to other nations and peoples. It is a misinterpretation of the Bible to say that the only legitimate form of evangelizing is house-to-house. For those who truly want a thorough exposition on this issue - refer to

    As far as Steve Klemeti - don't know who he is but with regards to saying you don't need the Watchtower - he is correct. What people don't realize is that Watchtower theology is just another rehashed version of gnosticism . Basically , all "new light" can only come through a select group call the Faithful and Discreet slave". As it says in Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again , there is nothing new under the sun.
  • Robbie posted:

    on 1st October 2010, 15:01:42 - Reply

    Mrs. portia your qouting a scripture that JW's already follow, but also that scripture applies preaching God's Kingdom as the only hope for mankind also!! Jesus did it!! Luke 4;43*
  • Alabama elder posted:

    on 1st October 2010, 05:25:37 - Reply

    Steve Klemetti Jehovah's Witnesses troll is apostate to the Watchtower governing body say's everybody can just go do their own thing

    Steve Klemetti is the most prolific JW poster TROLL with about 20 sock-puppet user names
    Steve Klemetti is a Jehovah's Witnesses troll who is APOSTATE to the Watchtower say's JW don't need the Watchtower society.
  • Portia posted:

    on 30th September 2010, 22:57:51 - Reply

    James 2:14-17
    What does it profit , my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works ? Can Faith save him ?
    If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food and one of you says to them , " Depart, in peace, be warmed and filled, " but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body , what does it profit ?
    Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works , is dead
  • Robbie posted:

    on 30th September 2010, 22:48:32 - Reply

    Must not* be distracted sorry
  • Robbie posted:

    on 30th September 2010, 22:47:15 - Reply

    The main work Jesus commanded his follwers to do was to preach!! Matt. 28;19-20!! Jehovah's Witnesses have helped people,. especially during natural disasters!! What benefit is it to phyiscally feed the people, but to leave them spiritually hungry, Jesus said Matt.4;4!! Their charities are temporary, Jehovah's Kingdom is permenant and will permanntly remove Starvation and Unemployment!! Thats something the Catholics or any other Secular or religious organization can not do!! We must be distracted from the Disciple making and Preaching Work!! :) Mrs. Portia how many people have you fed!! don't say some or alot, before you point the finger point the finger at yourself don't judge Luke 6;37!!
  • Portia posted:

    on 30th September 2010, 21:17:49 - Reply

    I am not Catholic but Catholics do have charities and help the poor - and - news flash - you don't have to be Catholic to receive charity from them. Watchtower has NO - charities.
    They don't give back to the community - pure and simple
  • Fred Hall posted:

    on 30th September 2010, 20:36:59 - Reply

    You all above are blinded. Jehovah Witness is the 3rd top religion in France. Why not the Catholics and others are not taxed?
  • Champagne posted:

    on 30th September 2010, 11:10:31 - Reply

    Viva France!
  • RT56 posted:

    on 30th September 2010, 09:25:48 - Reply

    The Watch Tower is trying to avoid being labeled as a religious publisher.
    The Watch Tower is a legal entity and a publisher of religious materials. A publisher of religious items is not a tax free institution.

    French laws are French laws and only subject to French decision. Generally this means any money accrued by the Watch Tower that is not donated by members or associated persons is money that is subjected to record keeping and taxed.
    In fact money that is given to a member for material of the Watch Tower is in essence considered buying the material.
    The Watch Tower advocates lying. Lying to anyone that is not a member of their organization is called "theocratic warfare".

    The Watch Tower has distributed anti government pamphlets throughout areas that have limited their recruitment efforts. They try to elicit sympathy and force governments to allow them to solicit people to membership.

    The Watch Tower does not allow blood transfusions. Thousands of children have died and thousands more each year as a result. Thousands of children more have life long difficulties if they survived blood loss or no treatment.

  • Portia posted:

    on 30th September 2010, 03:54:07 - Reply
  • Robbie posted:

    on 30th September 2010, 02:38:26 - Reply

    Keeping thinking and saying, you keep making my faith grow more and more each day, especially the apostates, you fulfill Matt. 5;11!!!!!* Your part of a great prophecy, keep doing it!! :)
  • Portia posted:

    on 30th September 2010, 01:34:02 - Reply

    France is not getting fooled. I only wish the US could understand that the Watchtower is a real estate holding company posing as a religion. The Watchtower loves to off load the poor JWs onto the public government assistant programs after they have discouraged their members from any kind of education or earning power. The taxpayers end up footing the bill for their members.
  • Solomon posted:

    on 29th September 2010, 22:55:41 - Reply

    Follow the money trail..
    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Jehovah’s Witnesses guilt-goaded a million followers to give them their assets including retirement savings promising them a ‘return’ of everlasting life in their own lifetime.
  • Solomon posted:

    on 29th September 2010, 22:54:41 - Reply

    Follow the money trail..

    The apocalyptic Watchtower cult has promised the end-of-the-world-coming any minute
  • Thomas Franco posted:

    on 29th September 2010, 22:44:45 - Reply

    Jehovah's Witnesses are worse fanatics than many mainsteam churches.

    They are extreme in their control of followers.

    Scientologists declare their outcasts "suppressive persons."
    Another Scientology policy - called "disconnection" - forbids Scientologists from interacting with a suppressive person. No calls, no letters, no contact.

    An SP is a pariah. Anyone who communicates with an SP risks being branded an SP himself.
    Jehovah's Witnesses disfellowshiped person (DF) is exactly the same as Scientology suppressed person (SP)
    Jehovah's Witnesses are EXACTLY the same.