Conference: The death penalty today in the U.S.

26th February 2009, Comments 1 comment

By Professor Roberta M.Harding at the University of Nantes.

 Date :March 19h05p.m.

Conference in English by Professor Roberta M.Harding, specialist in prisoners's rights and death penalty in the U.E. about "The death penalty today in the U.S."

Venue: University of Nantes, Law faculty, Amphi. G (nantes, tram line 2, stop : les Facultés)
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  • sara posted:

    on 2nd March 2009, 14:07:07 - Reply

    Hello I am always horrified that a so called modern democracy still uses state allowed killing.- and often kills people who have later been found to be innocent, especially when that country thinks that it has the right to preach about "human rights" to other countries and interfere in their affairs even going so far as to use torture - I could go on!
    An eye for an eye and we are all blind