Chirac's Vietnamese daughter slams French racism

24th December 2008, Comments 1 comment

The former president’s adopted daughter says the two Asian women found dead on Tuesday in central Paris' 11th district may have been victims of racism.

PARIS – Former French president Jacques Chirac's Vietnamese adopted daughter hit out Wednesday at violence against France's Asian community, after two Asian women were stabbed to death in Paris.

Anh Dao Traxel, who was taken in by Jacques and Bernadette Chirac when she arrived in France amid the exodus of Vietnamese "boat people" in 1979, demanded a thorough inquiry into what she dubbed "a horrible and barbaric" crime.

"I am very shocked," she said. "These young women were killed like dogs".

The victims, two women of Asian appearance aged between 20 and 30, were found dead on Tuesday in central Paris' 11th district, in an area with a large immigrant community also known for its fashionable bars and nightclubs.

Traxel raised the possibility that the crime may have had a racist motive and said that if this was the case her father's successor President Nicolas Sarkozy ought to condemn it as he would an attack on any other minority group.

"The French political class and the media should not be silent. They should react with the same energy as when the victims are Jewish, North African Arabs or Africans," the 51-year-old civil servant told AFP.

French police and prosecutors have opened an inquiry.

[AFP / Expatica]

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  • J Harvey posted:

    on 3rd January 2009, 20:41:07 - Reply

    Perhaps M Chirac would have done better to use his resouces to help all Asians(in their own countires) rather than to adopt one appealing little girl...
    who now gives lessons to her host country....